It’s been a while since KARA had anything significant to celebrate in Japan, but it looks like the original Japanese hallyu-dols are finally back on top again.

The group’s new Japanese single “Summer Gic/Sunshine Miracle/Sunny Days” (which is falsely promoted as a triple A-side despite containing just one PV!) just hit No. 1 on Oricon’s Daily Singles chart with sales of 28,497 copies.

kara gif 2

The last time KARA topped the daily chart was 2012’s “Electric Boy,” which sold just a few hundred copies more than “Summergic’s” first day numbers.

To put this further into perspective, KARA’s last Japanese single, “Mamma Mia,” sold 25,702 copies in its entire first WEEK. “Summeric” beat that in just one DAY.

“Summergic” also destroys the sales of Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese single, “Catch Me If You Can,” which only sold 20,835 copies in its first week.

kara gif

Basically, KARA’s back, bitch. I knew that the kind and intelligent Japanese public would forgive the kweens for Nicole and Jiyoung’s departures and finally succumb to living doll Hara’s charms once again.

Now let’s hope that Nicole’s upcoming Japanese solo debut can be a stunning success too. I need every member of KARA, past and present, #winning in Japan like it’s still 2011.