KARA‘s In Love mini-album isn’t due to irreversibly change our lives for the better until May 26, but the legendary trio (+1) performed the title track “Cupid” at the Dream Concert this weekend and I am now officially DEAD.

It’s such a bop. And it’s so sexual. KARA’s singing about kumming, which is exactly what anybody who hears this song is going to do. Not to mention that they’re doing a 19+ rated song with pretty feminine concept, keeping their reputation as Asia’s most pure and elegant angels intact.

The new Queens of sexy-cute fusion concept.

Also, Gyuri and Seungyeon surpassed Whitney and Mariah with their power vocals and Youngji secured herself a spot on Unpretty Rapstar season two with her speedy spoken word poem. And don’t even get me started on Hara’s new tan, which transforms her from Nation’s Porcelain Doll-dol to Nation’s Barbie Doll-dol.

This momentous occasion calls for a return of the timeless Farrah gifs.

farrah abraham gif 7