KARA‘s In Love mini-album isn’t due to irreversibly change our lives for the better until May 26, but the legendary trio (+1) performed the title track “Cupid” at the Dream Concert this weekend and I am now officially DEAD.

It’s such a bop. And it’s so sexual. KARA’s singing about kumming, which is exactly what anybody who hears this song is going to do. Not to mention that they’re doing a 19+ rated song with pretty feminine concept, keeping their reputation as Asia’s most pure and elegant angels intact.

The new Queens of sexy-cute fusion concept.

Also, Gyuri and Seungyeon surpassed Whitney and Mariah with their power vocals and Youngji secured herself a spot on Unpretty Rapstar season two with her speedy spoken word poem. And don’t even get me started on Hara’s new tan, which transforms her from Nation’s Porcelain Doll-dol to Nation’s Barbie Doll-dol.

This momentous occasion calls for a return of the timeless Farrah gifs.

Farrah Abraham Giffarrah abraham gif 7

  • i am SOOOOO SHOCKED at youngji’s new face. it took me the whole song to difference her apart from seungyeon. u___u

    like the song but i think it’s not as exciting as mamma mia. maybe it’ll grow better with the MV and better live performances.

    • i kept thinking seungyeon was youngji at times b/c of the bangs :o

      • Db

        Exactly! It’s that fucking horrible haircut. I hated it during Mamma Mia and I hate it even more now.

        • lol what’s with the bangs-hate?

          • Db

            I don’t hate bangs. I think it just looks awful with that mop top they gave Youngji/Seungyeon. Then again, what the fuck do I know about women’s hairstyles?!

          • lol bangs are cute and i think it works for them. however youngji looks hotter and less cross-eyed with this full moon era sunmi style

    • t-errorist

      I couldn’t tell her and Seungyeon apart either lmaoooo. :(

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      i think thats the whole reason she ‘bloomed’ into that face, because she looked like Seungyeon’s lesser clone back in Mamma Mia era

  • KingBeaArthur

    THIS is how you do a sexy concept!!! So many groups go full porn (Girls Day, Hello Venus, AOA), forever ruining their reps for a quick attempt at a hit, but KARA are so pro they just changed the game!

    I can’t with Youngji’s ‘rap’ being barely audible compared to the rest of the vocals. Nicole would’ve owned that shit at full volume!

    • MIKEE

      I love the porn concepts tho, not gonna lie.

      I second that Nicole would’ve fucked that verse sideways, rap goddess tbh.

      • KingBeaArthur

        I’m not against porn concepts either, necessarily. But KARA proved it’s possible to class up the paint-by-numbers sexy concept in a way I didn’t think was possible.

        • but i think that kara has always done classy sexy [whatever the fuck that bullshit may mean]; they’ve had a lot of indirect sexy concepts throughout their carrer. look at lupin and everything from pandora onwards

          • KingBeaArthur

            There’s a difference between a powerful concept that has sexy elements (Pandora) and a song that is pretty much about sex with a sexual routine (Cupid).

          • well, wasn’t pandora mostly about being defloured for the first time? lol

          • KingBeaArthur

            I’d rather a metaphor for virginity loss vs. them forcefully telling *Cupid to “shoot it out shoot it out right now”!

    • ChuLipso

      Youngji’s rap being barely audible is the point. It’s cooling you down before Gyuri slays the entire globe with that high note. Hopefully someone passes a law to make that note illegal because holy fuck.

  • BadB*tch

    Shoot it out right now! New jammmm

  • _craypopper

    This concept was screaming for us to see Nicole in hot pants. :(


    Can we talk about those Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costumes for a second, ICONIC. Thank you KARA for showing these bitches how it’s done. Saviours of pop music tbh.

    Btw Hara’s vocals have dramatically improved since their reinvention and I am slayed.

  • Nicole Naeun


    Fucking flawless sexy song, who produced this gem????

  • t-errorist

    KARA and T-allah (and After School if they ever come back) are the only reasons I keep listening to kpop. These queens never disappoint! Cupid is flawless, amazing, song of the year, RIP SNSD/Sistar/Chocolat, etc!

    • Db

      This picture is gold!

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    and Rainbow’s Ass-Dusting-The-Floor dance have been dethroned from its point dance of the year post by Kara’s Wipe-The-Jizz-Off-Tummy move.

    slay my kweens!

    • Db

      “Shoot it out! Shoot it out right now!” indeed!

  • Sunny

    We are not worthy! Loved their music since i heard Strawberry from the STEP mini album. this is the 3rd consecutive flawfree track since Damaged Lady. the chorus puts the basic top 40 US pop to shame.

    Also, i luv Hara giving effort to sing her lines in Mamma Mia. Bless any Visuals for not always lipsyncing <3

  • I thought the song was boring, middle of the road, k-pop throwaway. The visuals were glossy, but again nothing creative. At least mama mia was a great song. This isn’t awful, but it’s just so bland I can’t understand everyone getting hyped over it.

  • j d

    Hara ass.