Hyosung‘s “Into You” is a slow burn single that just gets better with time, but unfortunately it hasn’t been blowing up the charts like it should be.

The under-performance of “Into You” isn’t due to a lack of hard work, though. Hyosung’s been hustling her ass off to plug the sexy Spice Girls remix, with non-stop promo that all seems to center around her perfect body and voluminous chest (of course).

Her latest gig is a behind-the-scenes shoot with Dispatch (via Naver). It’s supposed to showcase her choreography and workout regimen, but it’s really just an excuse for gratuitous photos and gifs of her in compromising positions.

Anybody who dares to shade this is clearly just jealous of Hyosung’s brains, beauty, talent, charm, poise, uniqueness, physique, godliness, s-line, and the million other positive traits she possesses.

The end.

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