History Makes A Crazy Sexy Comeback With 'Might Just Die'
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I’m a bit of a HISTORY buff these days, but I have no idea who the group’s target market is supposed to be (surely it can’t be me). They’ve always had a little more edge and darkness than their contemporaries, but their homoerotic Hitchcockian rape single “Psycho” officially made them way too weird and twisted for most fan girls. And let’s face it–what’s a boy band without fan girls?

HISTORY’s “Psycho” style might be a little on the strange side for idol pop, but that hasn’t stopped the boys from sticking with the crazy on their latest single, “Might Just Die.”

It’s a song bursting with emotion and angst, like the life-or-death adolescent love songs of sixties girl groups but from an aggressively male perspective. There’s operatic violins and abrasive electro eruptions with a distorted chorus that dramatically repeats “I might just die” between heaving exhalations. It’s loud and emotional and completely unapologetic about it.

The lyrics, which were apparently written by member Jang Yi Jeong, flirt with controversy just like “Psycho” did. HISTORY reflect on being too obsessive and scream about how being dumped leaves one without a reason to live, but they also allude that some unfaithfulness on their part may be the real reason the relationship went kaput.

The choreography features floor fucking and ab-baring shirt lifting, which goes well with the heavy breathing I mentioned before. Why are they being so darn erotic in such an angry song, you ask? Well, maybe they’re sex addicts and that’s why they cheat. Maybe it’s a reflection of raging teenage hormones and emotions. Maybe there’s no reason other than it looks totally hot so why not. Either way, me gusta!!!

“Must Just Die” is either going to flop horribly or become HISTORY’s “On and On” and put them on the path to stardom. Regardless of what happens, it’s nice to have a noisy horny weirdo boy band in K-pop that doesn’t cater exclusively to 14-year-old girls.history might just die gif

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m not sure sure I feel about the song still. On one hand I love the dramatic lyrics, vocals on the verses, and staging BUT the production is jarring to the point of alienation (minus the Vivaldi-esque orchestration, which is gorgeous), the rapping is so-so, and the bareness of the chorus -which fits the song- leaves a lot to be desired. This feels like a step back after “Psycho” and “What Am I To You”, but is easily steps ahead of “Tell Me Love” aka the era forever lost to time.

    I just realized this as well as “Psycho” give me dark VIXX vibes. Especially the addition of man-on-man choreography (we all know N loves touching on his boys! Bless you, filthy leader~). I wish nothing but success for HISTORY and if this is the era/song/album to do it for them, then so be it.

  • red+

    This is straight up rainbow black swan syndrome. In the words of RKD,who thought this would be a hit? Especially in the brink of summer time. Is the song awesome…yes…but we all know that isn’t all you need in kpop. History is crawling close to the dangerous U-kiss zone.

    • KingBeaArthur

      U-Kiss zone… bad things happen there ._.

      • Nana’s Disco Stick

        is not all bad boo, remember they already won a music show award – for becoming relatively popular in China (which knetz pr the ROK doesn’t really give a f*ck about)

        YEY UMISS! #freeEli #whyisntthisboatstillsinking

    • You hit the nail on the head with the Rainbow comparison. A good but edgy, uncommercial song with a provocative concept released at the wrong time of year.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      this is basic beyond relief and black swan tramples on it with Jaekyung and Co.’s legs with their asses dusting the casualties.

      i agree with the theme/season mismatch though. DAMMIT why can’t these groups do a Sistar?

  • the thing though is that vixx cashed in on the whole vampires thing while it was hot and milked it so hard it became a signature, and infinite has already been there done that with the dark lyrical content and slick choreo, so a non-established boy group feels extra, like its adding to a trend its originators are in the process of getting over.


    I wish I liked this because they finally won me over with Psycho but this seems like a step backward for them. While the narrative is a bit bat shit, which I love, the song itself is a little typical. Idk, I really want to like them but their copious amounts of terrible plastic surgery and sheer basicness really puts me off.

    • lol yeah i feel u!!

      i’ve loved them since debut. i think they’re debut song, dreamer, is one of the most beautiful and exciting songs from 2013, especially because they’ve taken a different route from most boy bands, that were either super junior or bigbang wannabes… since i hate both of those groups, history actually came like a breath of fresh air to me. till now they’re one of the very few boybands i actually like.

      i loved psycho. i’m not so sure about this one yet. the MV is really beautiful – but that’s default with all LOEN artists. the choreography is awesome and very dramatic, but the abs-showing part is beyond laughable! hahahah sorrym but if you’re not rainbow or hello venus your abs-showing choreographies will make me poop myself from laughing.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    and here i thought History would bank on that homoerotic thang they started and build it up from there; they instead took a step back and ended up falling flat. #disappointedmuch

    those abs should’ve been utilized on a light, summer-themed song and video.

  • Jaehyus

    I am loving it more with each listen, just like with Black Swan, but I don’t think this will get these boys anywhere. Seems too cool for SK.

  • The boys look good, per usual. However, this is the first song of theirs that I dislike. The rap and the dub is a bit jarring on the ears. But, atleast they look really really good. Missing their more Euro pop numbers.

  • mundyyys

    I liked the concept of Psycho, but not the song. Here, I like the song a lot (even though it’s mixed poorly) but wished they had gone further with the concept. You hit the nail on the head with their issues… I don’t see this being a hit for them. I hope they keep doing their thing tho, because i like when idols buck trends/are weird (and I also like homoerotic Hitchcockian concepts kekeke).

  • They are some tall drinks of water…
    But the song doesn’t flow well for me.