History Makes A Crazy Sexy Comeback With 'Might Just Die'
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I’m a bit of a HISTORY buff these days, but I have no idea who the group’s target market is supposed to be (surely it can’t be me). They’ve always had a little more edge and darkness than their contemporaries, but their homoerotic Hitchcockian rape single “Psycho” officially made them way too weird and twisted for most fan girls. And let’s face it–what’s a boy band without fan girls?

HISTORY’s “Psycho” style might be a little on the strange side for idol pop, but that hasn’t stopped the boys from sticking with the crazy on their latest single, “Might Just Die.”

It’s a song bursting with emotion and angst, like the life-or-death adolescent love songs of sixties girl groups but from an aggressively male perspective. There’s operatic violins and abrasive electro eruptions with a distorted chorus that dramatically repeats “I might just die” between heaving exhalations. It’s loud and emotional and completely unapologetic about it.

The lyrics, which were apparently written by member Jang Yi Jeong, flirt with controversy just like “Psycho” did. HISTORY reflect on being too obsessive and scream about how being dumped leaves one without a reason to live, but they also allude that some unfaithfulness on their part may be the real reason the relationship went kaput.

The choreography features floor fucking and ab-baring shirt lifting, which goes well with the heavy breathing I mentioned before. Why are they being so darn erotic in such an angry song, you ask? Well, maybe they’re sex addicts and that’s why they cheat. Maybe it’s a reflection of raging teenage hormones and emotions. Maybe there’s no reason other than it looks totally hot so why not. Either way, me gusta!!!

“Must Just Die” is either going to flop horribly or become HISTORY’s “On and On” and put them on the path to stardom. Regardless of what happens, it’s nice to have a noisy horny weirdo boy band in K-pop that doesn’t cater exclusively to 14-year-old girls.history might just die gif