2PM has some of the best Korean J-pop releases around, so expectations for their labelmates, the handsome, flawless, and better-than-EXO GOT7, are high.

The boys officially debuted in Japan last year with “Around The World,” which sounded like a weirder, off-kilter version of one of 2PM’s club-friendly J.Y. Park jams.

GOT7’s just released follow up, “Love Train,” serves more of the unexpected. I don’t know who produced it, but it sounds like rock-infused Japanese idol pop filtered through a Korean boy band. If it was darker it could almost pass for a Morning Musume track, but the “Love love love la love train!” refrain in between the energetic idol chanting brings it back to deliciously cheesy K-pop boy band land.

It’s nice to see JYP taking GOT7’s Japanese activities seriously and trying something different with their sound over there. Although I’m not quite sure about Jackson’s makeup. He’s a hot guy, I don’t think he needs to beat his face more than every member of miss A combined.

Would still ride his love train to Timbuktu and back again without a ticket though.

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  • I’m so happy you love Got7. Have gotten more plays out of Love Train than expected. I think it’s b/c it reminds me of an opening theme to a young adult 90’s action show, like Power Rangers. That’s what the video looks like anyway; I half expected for it to cut to their hangout in the graffitied bowels of a subway station where they are getting ready to solve a mystery.

  • jizabel

    I don’t give a single fuck about any of the members other than Jackson but this is a qt lil bop! I assume the lyrics are about running train which just about makes it the best boy group song this year.


    I’m gonna pretend GOT7 never released this and call it a day.

    Also, never ride a train without a ticket. Especially when Jackson has been riding Youngji’s filthy Amtrak pussy.

    • omg this comment though *crying for various reasons*

  • Alec Holtforster

    The subway stops that the mv focuses on are stops from Toronto’s TTC subway line. Are they in Japan or Canada?

  • I’ve always thought that got7’s Japanese releases more accurately depicted the weird young hip hop concept they tried to debut with in Korea,, but their styling in Japan is far, far worse.

    Also jesus fucking christ what is it with these 97-liners (jungkook, yugyeom, bambam) getting SO much better looking with each consecutive release

  • Sunny

    Can’t believe i missed this post!

    I’m a fail stan! i really don’t like this one as much as their other releases. but i keep watching the MV cause Mark and Jackson <3

  • mundyyys

    Oof maybe this is what Japan wants but I weep for Got7’s future. They can’t be this cheesy and tacky forever and expect to hit big. Japan releases don’t have to be dumbed down (in comparison, BTS has some great original songs on their full-length Japanese album) so JYP needs to stop shipwrecking these kids with shit material.