2PM has some of the best Korean J-pop releases around, so expectations for their labelmates, the handsome, flawless, and better-than-EXO GOT7, are high.

The boys officially debuted in Japan last year with “Around The World,” which sounded like a weirder, off-kilter version of one of 2PM’s club-friendly J.Y. Park jams.

GOT7’s just released follow up, “Love Train,” serves more of the unexpected. I don’t know who produced it, but it sounds like rock-infused Japanese idol pop filtered through a Korean boy band. If it was darker it could almost pass for a Morning Musume track, but the “Love love love la love train!” refrain in between the energetic idol chanting brings it back to deliciously cheesy K-pop boy band land.

It’s nice to see JYP taking GOT7’s Japanese activities seriously and trying something different with their sound over there. Although I’m not quite sure about Jackson’s makeup. He’s a hot guy, I don’t think he needs to beat his face more than every member of miss A combined.

Would still ride his love train to Timbuktu and back again without a ticket though.

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