Girl’s Day aren’t quite ready to make their next legendary comeback just yet, so to tide us over in the meantime they’ve dropped a nice little CF single called ‘Hello Bubble’ to promote a brand of hair dye foam.

The spacey synth-pop number, courtesy of Duble Sidekick, is one of the better jingles out there. It’s not title track worthy for a group of Girl’s Day’s stature, but it’s the kind of great b-side you’d want to see them perform for their double comeback stage.

CF singles come and go and are usually forgotten shortly after their release, so here’s a trip down memory lane to look at some of the old girl group endorsement deal ditties that have graced (and plagued) us over the years.


Son Dambi & After School – Amoled (Samsung)

Back in 2009 when Son Dambi was a big deal and After School were touted as the next big thing in K-pop, the Pledis labelmates teamed up to promote Samsung cell phones with the digital single “Amoled.” The Brave Brothers’ production matched the popular sound of the time, which was shit loads of autotune and tacky electro-pop. Needless to say, it hasn’t aged well.

Brown Eyed Girls – Smile Chock Chock (Nivea)

Brown Eyed Girls landed a slew of big endorsement deals after the runaway success of “Abracadabra” in 2009, including one with Nivea to promote the beauty brand’s new line of chapsticks. Like “Amoled,” “Smile Chock Chock” is another hideously outdated electro-pop track, but I can’t deny that the chorus of “Niv-eeh-ah lip! Niv-eeh-ah lip!” is still pretty catchy.

Girls’ Generation – Visual Dreams (Intel)

Girls’ Generation‘s Intel single “Visual Dreams” (and awkward robot choreography) hasn’t aged as well as I’d have liked it to, but as a synth-pop lover this song absolutely slayed me back in 2011 when it first dropped. It also spawned the genius Robotaki Remix, which is easily one of the greatest K-pop remixes ever made.

Nine Muses – Friends Fun (Orion)

Back in 2013 when Nine Muses scored their first semi-hit with “Dolls,” the group used their growing buzz to score an endorsement deal in China for some Kimchi-flavored potato chips. The accompanying single, “Friends Fun,” was low budget dance-pop centered around Kyungri and nobody else (no wonder supermodel-dol Leesem quit the group just a few months later!), but the song’s shittiness is totally eclipsed by the fact that NINE MUSES ACTUALLY GOT A CF DEAL. Now that they’re back on the rise again thanks to “Drama,” hopefully there will be many more CFs in the group’s future.

4Tomorrow – Tomorrow (Samsung Anycall)

In 2009, the most popular members of the trending girl groups at the time joined forces to form the project group 4Tomorrow to promote the Samsung Anycall brand. Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In, After School‘s UEE, KARA‘s Seungyeon, and 4minute‘s HyunA served up autotuned inspiration with “Tomorrow,” which was surprisingly unremarkable for the amount of money Samsung put into the campaign. Thankfully, HyunA was able to redeem herself a few years later with Dazzling Red’s “This Person,” proving that all-star K-pop super groups can work with the right song.

T-ara – Apple is A (Nonghyup Apples)

Probably one of the best CF songs ever made, T-ara‘s “Apple Song” was so well received in 2009 that it was retitled to “Apple is A” and included on their still amazing debut album, Absolute First Album. It’s had a remarkably long life for a CF single, being re-recorded in Japanese in 2012 and finding a permanent place in T-ara’s tour setlists. Who knows, its popularity might have even had something to do with why T-ara were selected by Chopstick Brothers to remake their Chinese hit “Little Apple”!

Bonus: SISTAR – Tic Toc (Samsung Yepp)

Umm… Let’s burn this video and never speak of it again.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I didn’t realize 4Tomorrow was a CF unit!! I still like that song tbh.

    I’d try those kimchi flavored chips if Kyungri fed them to me~ Loved seeing Sera for two seconds. Fuck that song was terrible!

    Oh, and “Hello Bubble” was passable. Sojin put in work, but it’s completely forgettable.

  • T-rollypoly

    Not gonna lie, I jammed to Amoled back in the day. lol

    • we all did tbh!

    • Db

      Amoled is still a fucking jam and still on my ipod. I don’t care what anyone says.

      • nique

        On mine too

  • culchan

    What about “Freestyle” (4minute) and “Up” (Rania)?

    • MolkangMolkang

      “Up” is so good, despite the fact that Jooyi got 0 screen time in comparison

  • What is going on with Dasom’s head in the last video?

    • hyorin literally snatched her wig

      • Marhaebwa


  • Db

    2009 was the year of cell phone CFs. Can’t forget f(x) and SNSD both releasing versions of Chocolate Love.

    The Robotaki remix of Visual Dreams was the first ever kpop song I heard. I remember not being as skilled at recognizing individual members at the time. I thought Yuri, Yoona ans Seohyun were all the same person.

    • robotaki remix is genius. but i think chocolate love >>>> visual dreams

      • Db

        For me it’s Robotaki remix>>>> amoled>>>>vanilla visual dreams.

    • James Smith III

      Yasss the epic version of CHOCOLATE LOVE by FX

    • Sunny

      Chocolate Love by SNSD is my favorite kpop CF song of all time!

      • Db

        I prefer the f(x) version, but that one’s not too shabby either.

  • “apple is a” is one of my favorites from AFA…. fuck it’s impossible to pick a fave from AFA. it makes me cry that CCM-now-MBK never put t-ara to promote a full album back when they were peaking.

  • OMFG! KAKAKAKAKA tiffany’s armpits are BLACK on that visual dreams CF! poor thing LOOOOOOOOL

  • What kind of flawless concept for a post? Ahhhh! I never saw that Sistar clip.#dead

    Don’t want to be that guy in this type of posts, but *ejem* “I can’t believe you didn’t include:”
    – GOAT Orange Caramel song Abing Abing
    – Hyuna going places withe her Corolla
    – And the iconicest CF song/MV/collab ever, Cabi Song

    Although you wouldn’t be able to be shady to those because all of them are great. :D

    • I considered many but I couldn’t list every CF single ever or I’d be here all day haha!

    • James Smith III

      Bitch! Let’s Go Places by Hyuna! I forgot about that slayage!!!

  • culchan


    My single favorite K-pop song is a beer commercial: the criminally under-viewed Hite Ice Point CF with Yuna Kim.

    And those 30 second CFs of Hyuna, Hara and Hyolin in a 2013 soju campaign pretty much melt the monitor.

  • You missed an opportunity here to shade 2NE1 for their Yamaha Fiore CF. I’m shocked. Are you declaring a truce with Blackjacks?

    • Considered it with some shade but it was too obvious and I just couldnt be fucked mustering up anything to say about this once popular group that’s now as forgotten as Piggy Dolls or Gangkiz

  • Db

    9 Muses, sorry 6 muses, released a second CF in China for the same chip brand. It had the same tune as Oh My God from the Primadonna album. Most of the voices don’t even sound like any of the group members. Erin even sounds like a man!

    • jiyeonsgorgethighs

      I think they sang everything except the rap part, because the pronunciation is perfect in that part.

      The guy is hot btw.

  • James Smith III

    Amoled was the shit back in the day!

  • Captain Fantasy


  • OMFG I’m crying (mostly out of SHAME) because that SISTAR CF video is an edit I made once with Sony Vegas effects using a blue-screen video that leaked.
    I made it a private video later but someone actually re-uploaded it… I’m shocked HAHAHA

    • Wooow

      WHAT!!!!! I thought it was amazing and VISIONARY tbh what a let down, i mean it’s sill amazing but it would’ve been crazy if money had actually ben thrown into that productio level

  • LOL at them not editing out JeA’s dance error and instead using it twice in the Nivea clip… 0:50 and 1:34

  • I didn’t know that Apple is A was a CF song

  • I still really like Visual Dreams even though I don’t particularly want to but Chocolate Love is still the ulimate CF single.

    I know you only looked at girl groups but I would like us all to remember 2PM’s Coway single for a moment. Never has a song so beautiful been written about a water filtration system. “You’re so pure, you cure my heart. You’ll always be there for sure, my love.” Truly moving.

  • JustJam

    SNSD/F(x)’s Chocolate Love and KARA’s Same Heart were good too