Trending girl group G-Friend are set to hold hands with their sponsors once again next month for their June comeback album.

Another sajaegi syndrome expected.’

The mob-funded girl group announced the exciting news in a media play article about how they recently secured a lucrative fried chicken CF less than four months after debuting.

Yes, G-Friend now have a chicken CF. (In case you didn’t know, chicken is one of the better endorsement deals a girl group can get. Suzy, f(x), Girl’s Day, 2PM, and pre-scandal T-ara are among some of the top idols to do them.)

G-Friend’s also done a CF for sneaker brand Akii Classic, and if things keep going the way they are, they’ll probably become the new blue chip girl group for commercials.

G-Friend’s unheard of level of success terrifies me. “Glass Bead” hasn’t even left the Melon top 100 yet. It’s been months and the Season of Glass still isn’t over! I feel like Korean gansters could kill LOVELYZ and A Pink in a drive-by shooting any day now just to help their shady little investment reach the top.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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