EXID‘s been¬†absolutely everywhere since Hani’s fancam went viral and they’re not about to slow down any time soon.

Yedang Entertainment confirms that the girls will take their first break since November for approximately one week in June, before returning to start preparing for their next comeback. According to a new Naver report, it’ll be around September.

It looks like EXID’s taking the back-to-back comeback approach to ensure that their newly acquired popularity doesn’t go down the drain, just like AOA and Girl’s Day did when they got their own respective breakout hits.

They desperately need that scheduled break though, especially Hani. She’s everywhere right now, with multiple MC jobs and multiple variety show gigs, on top of pictorials, MVs, and EXID’s group activities. Her hard work’s paying off because she’s currently ranked one of the top three most popular female idols among men, but she needs some rest if she wants to remain hot and not develop¬†anaemia or some shit.

By the way, I vote no bangs for the comeback.
hani no bangs 01 hani no bangs 02