EXID‘s been¬†absolutely everywhere since Hani’s fancam went viral and they’re not about to slow down any time soon.

Yedang Entertainment confirms that the girls will take their first break since November for approximately one week in June, before returning to start preparing for their next comeback. According to a new Naver report, it’ll be around September.

It looks like EXID’s taking the back-to-back comeback approach to ensure that their newly acquired popularity doesn’t go down the drain, just like AOA and Girl’s Day did when they got their own respective breakout hits.

They desperately need that scheduled break though, especially Hani. She’s everywhere right now, with multiple MC jobs and multiple variety show gigs, on top of pictorials, MVs, and EXID’s group activities. Her hard work’s paying off because she’s currently ranked one of the top three most popular female idols among men, but she needs some rest if she wants to remain hot and not develop¬†anaemia or some shit.

By the way, I vote no bangs for the comeback.
hani no bangs 01 hani no bangs 02

  • hani oppa

    Hani please to back to dark hair color, with or without bangs I don’t care!!

  • ChuLipso

    Ready to be slayed yet again by EXID. Their Ah Yeah mini is perfection. Still jamming on the sleeper “Without U”.

    I hope Hyerin comes back with even larger eyes this comeback. Also hope Dasoni comes back along with a OC-like from Hyerin and Sunghwa. This is their year to become SISTAR 2.0


  • kpop_is_srs_bsns

    HONESTLY they deserve more than just a week! It’s like they’re doing schedules 24/7

  • yosafbridge

    Wow at their fanchants during Dream Concert. It seems like all fandoms united as one to cheer them on in a rare show of solidarity :



      this is so thrilling! i hope they heard that over the return earplugs it must’ve been exciting!

  • my god, you know i don’t follow music shows nor k-variety tv shows, but everytime i bother to check something out hani’s on it. and she’s fucking adorable and interesting in it. her attitude is soooo different and almost ironic about everything. she’s kind of a fave k-celeb and her success is delicious.

    for the rest of the girls it’s also amazing. although “ah yeah” is not a favorite, it’s a great song and i [wishful-thinkingly] hope their next comeback dares a bit more in terms of music and concept.


    Oh thank glob…I was almost certain that Yedang was going to run them into the ground this year (not that a week is long but its something). Hani looks amazing with bangs and I know they’re like her signature, especially with that damn curler, but she needs a change.

    I love Hyerin blonde but her hair is so thin that no matter what they do, it looks messy af. I vote to give that bitch a Mia Farrow pixie cut and film her tears as they chop it off like it’s a makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model.

  • James Smith III

    That HANI reign won’t let up

  • I get used to the robot-ness of the idols, and just right it off as their personality; then Hani comes along, and it is so refreshing to see her be (or a version of) her natural weird authentic self. All of EXID seem to have fun relaxed personalities. Makes me think they can go far, b/c as much talent groups need to have as performers, they also need to have great characters to be outstanding.