Eunjung‘s solo debut is kind of confusing and all over the place. She’s running around pretending to be some red-haired rookie named ELSIE with a title track and concept that’s way too similar to Jiyeon’s solo debut. Not to mention that the budget for the whole project is QBS level cheap.

I shared my thoughts on this and the lead single “I’m Good” more in my previous post about Queen Elsie’s M! Countdown performance, but now I want to talk about the other tracks from her new mini-album.

Track 2, “눈물비 (Tears Rain),” is a total IU Modern Times leftover, which obviously means that it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has accordions and a Spanish guitar solo in the middle! It’s like French cafe music, but really depressing. The French cafe you go to while it’s raining and you’ve just been dumped and the hot waiter won’t even make eye contact while taking your order.

And for those of you who wanted a straight dance-pop track from Eunjung, meet “Love Effect.”

This is some sophisticated Rachel Stevens realness, but with disco strings and a little lounge piano thrown in that Lim Kim wishes she thought of first.

How did MBK not just make “I’m Good” the safe pre-release track and then give “Love Effect” the full single treatment with Eunjung in a chic European pop diva concept?! Kylie and Róisín Murphy would quit the music industry on the spot.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Both songs are flawless imo. “Love Effect” would’ve been my choice as the promo track. I’m confused why they made it 1Min1Sec pt.2 instead. Seems uncharacteristically lazy of them, especially after they went through so much effort to give Hyomin & Jiyeon such different concepts. Was Elsie not a priority??

    Also at 2:31 it sounds like she says ‘a fart’…I’m a five year old :]

  • zql

    i love the tears rain description

    considering all the multi million dollar contacts t-ara just signed i’m disappointed in the $1.50 MV budget and the cheap ass outfit she wore on m countdown had a stain on the side but at least her hair looks cute and the songs are actually good

    • Not a stain on the side…

  • T-rollypoly

    The only reason I can think of why they chose “I’m Good” instead of “Love Effect” is they wanted to go with a slower tempo song and emotional lyrics to maybe win SoKor’s love for emo ballads, other than that I don’t get it. “I’m Good” is not a bad song though, the other two are just better and I’m not a fan of slow tempo songs at all. “Love Effect” is just golden and so awesome.

  • unloveable

    I love “love effect” it sounds very Son Dambi.

  • MolkangMolkang

    I totally see the Kylie Minogue thing– if she could release something like two hearts or…Slow…man that would be sweet.

  • Marhaebwa

    KKS Troll better be setting up an actual follow up promotion with “Love Effect”, because as divine as her comeback track is, I can’t with the rest of this 7cents promotion.

    • niyahhill

      You do know he’s not their CEO anymore right? Fuck he doesn’t even work at Mbk anymore

      • Marhaebwa

        Meehh. Whoever Post-KKS is, the message still remains the same.

        • niyahhill

          Actually there new CEO isn’t bad at all yes this solo could’ve been alot better but it’s not terrible. But more importantly he treats the girls alot better that kks ever did. He gives them alot my free time shit hyomin went on vacation with just her friends for a whole week. Plus the members being so well promoted in China and other Asian countries fuck they even met and ate at a palce with one of the maslayian kings. And he even let’s them post more on sns. Shit he even got them there own inviduval dramas coming up. Jiyeon in a new movie were she be filming everywhere , and most importantly t-ara own endorsed make up company. So yeah he’s alot better that kks.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I fucking HATE her title song, there’s no other way to put it.
    But OMG “Tears Rain” is the epitome of chic and flawless!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking K-indie that you would find by mistake browsing k2nblog realness!!!!
    “Love Effect” is all kinds of cool. But it misses something to me. I hope it grows on me.

    Anyway both songs SLAY the title track, which is sad (for HAMjung).

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    Love Effect gives me an upbeat Dripping Tears feels.

    first Hyosung hires that Crazy chair dance choreographer now Elsie releasing this DamBi-esque track. is it an omen of Kween SDB’s return?

    if in case DamBi really isn’t coming back then Elsie could take the title for Korea’s Kylie Minogue and i’d have no complaints

  • Captain Fantasy

    The whole album is really good!

  • UncleFan

    Love her with long hair! I’m guessing her extensions were woven from the snatched weaves of lesser idols.

  • Lashe Olaoye
  • Nicole Naeun

    Imagine if IU sang Tears Rain, the slayage that could happen… Elsie’s good but she doesn’t have the depth and ‘fragility’ of IU’s vocals.

    Love Effect is a strong b-side, but I disagree with people saying this should have been the title track. Elsie is amazing, but she cant and wont be able to pull off this chic european concept.

    Not a great debut, Elsie. I’ll stick to Hyomin’s (who had the best debut out of 3)