Eunjung‘s solo debut is kind of confusing and all over the place. She’s running around pretending to be some red-haired rookie named ELSIE with a title track and concept that’s way too similar to Jiyeon’s solo debut. Not to mention that the budget for the whole project is QBS level cheap.

I shared my thoughts on this and the lead single “I’m Good” more in my previous post about Queen Elsie’s M! Countdown performance, but now I want to talk about the other tracks from her new mini-album.

Track 2, “눈물비 (Tears Rain),” is a total IU Modern Times leftover, which obviously means that it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has accordions and a Spanish guitar solo in the middle! It’s like French cafe music, but really depressing. The French cafe you go to while it’s raining and you’ve just been dumped and the hot waiter won’t even make eye contact while taking your order.

And for those of you who wanted a straight dance-pop track from Eunjung, meet “Love Effect.”

This is some sophisticated Rachel Stevens realness, but with disco strings and a little lounge piano thrown in that Lim Kim wishes she thought of first.

How did MBK not just make “I’m Good” the safe pre-release track and then give “Love Effect” the full single treatment with Eunjung in a chic European pop diva concept?! Kylie and Róisín Murphy would quit the music industry on the spot.