I’m so slayed by this Eunjung solo project. Both because I actually really like her songs and because the whole thing is just one big low budget hot mess. It’s like T-ara’s Japanese era all over again!

Eunjung, now known as Queen Elsie, took her debut single “I’m Good” to M! Countdown tonight along with some MBK trainee (probably a new SPEED member) called Ki-O.

Wearing Gyuri’s “Damaged Lady” wig tied in a loose ponytail, Queen Elsie delivered what was basically the bastard child of Jiyeon’s horny “1min1sec” grinding and Yenny’s “Ain’t Nobody” lyrical dance recital choreography.

It’s official–ELSIE is the new HA:TFELT.

I was convinced that this whole thing was just an elaborate pre-release strategy before Queen Elsie died and Eunjung replaced her with a proper pop single, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Her mini-album is out now, and neither one of the two AMAZING b-sides sound commercial enough to be title tracks.

Why make the most talented T-ara member solo and then lump her with the bargain bin version of Jiyeon’s Never Ever era? It would’ve been better to give “I’m Good” to Soyeon (without the artsy-fartsy sexy concept attached) and then had Eunjung do something more major.

Oh well.