I’m probably one of the few people around that actually likes Eunjung‘s solo debut, but I’m objective enough to admit that it’s a hot ass mess. The low budget. The awkward lyrical-meets-sexy concept that just doesn’t work. The Elsie moniker. The fact that it’s all just an inferior version of everything Jiyeon did for her own solo.

MBK Entertainment clearly made a lot of mistakes with Eunjung, but “I’m Good” is still a pretty strong midtempo ballad (if you’re into that kind of thing) and the b-sides are great.

Naturally, it’s totally tanked in Korea (what did MBK expect?), but it’s doing well in T-ara’s new home away from home, China.

“I’m Good” has already followed previous T-ara hits by topping China’s biggest music video chart, Yin Yue Tai, where it’s remained No. 1 for the past three weeks. Now Eunjung’s wisely dropped a half-Chinese version of the song to keep the momentum going, which is something I’m surprised T-ara hasn’t done already.

Only T-ara could release some cheap half-assed heavily-accented single and have it slay charts overseas. They did it for years in Japan, and now it’s China’s turn to experience their frugal domination.

Anyway, while T-ara continues to receive unnecessary hate in Korea, they’ve been going from strength to strength in the Chinese market as they lead the current hallyu wave for girl groups. They’ve already secured their own CFs over there, picked up a few big music awards, and Jiyeon’s just landed the lead role in a Chinese-Korean film. And come June, they’ll officially start their first Chinese concert tour.

The fruits of T-ara’s determination are truly endless.