CLC's Fizzy 'Pepe' Follow Up 'Like' Is Good, But Not Great
Sounds Like Something Any Cute Rookie Group Could Do
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I initially compared CLC to Ladies’ Code because of their big talent and addictive retro music, but it quickly became crystal clear that their real influence was the Wonder Girls (who, by the way, also inspired Ladies’ Code).

On their new single, a zippy ditty about social media stalking called “Like,” CLC come off like a modernized version of JYP’s defining girl group. They rock mismatched tacky fashion like it’s haute couture, they’re retro pop enthusiasts, and they’ve even tried to coin their own version of “O-mona!“–“Jo-ah!

Despite some similarities,”Like” is really a testament to just how much K-pop has changed since Wonder Girls changed the game with the “Tell Me” syndrome. Wonder Girls’ singles were all simple, straightforward pop songs–catchy, timeless, but rarely ever edgy or weird. These days K-pop is crazy and convoluted and too much is never enough. “PEPE” felt a little old-school, but “Like” is pepped up on Pop Rocks with speedy helium raps, jagged dubstep wobbles, and countless squeaks, chants, and chirps generously sprinkled on top.

The busy track is composed by the same team who did HyunA’s “Red” and 4minute’s “Crazy,” which were both equally as in your-face-face as “Like” is, just with sex appeal and bravado instead of concentrated aegyo.

It’s no “PEPE,” and it’s certainly no Wonder Girls classic (or even a Ladies’ Code hit), but “Like” is still fun and cute and feels like an appropriate second single for a rookie group that’s trying to build a young fanbase.

For me, this is going to be another LOVELYZ “Hi~”–a solid pop song from a group I love that’ll get some spins, but it won’t be on heavy rotation like their debut single was.

  • HavokWWE

    Cube is seriously investing a lot into CLC and it shows with their back to back releases “Pepe” “Eighteen” and now “Like”.

    I like some of the girls (other’s are unncessary) and the song is a complete flop. It’s a useless comeback for them and they could’ve promoted Eigtheen a little more then came back in September or October, but not a month after debuting with an entire new album. Their entire Wonder Girls esque look with the tacky clothing doesn’t help either.

    Seungyeon could’ve been a solo artist as could Seunghee so idk why Cube tacked them into this group with foreigner Sorn (who I believe doesn’t speak Korean well enough therefore she only gets 2 lines per song), Yujin (useless visual) and Yee Eun (who was my bias during the PEPE era, but she’s a dud to me now also).

    Hopefully their 3rd mini album shows more.

  • MolkangMolkang

    It’s okay, maybe it’ll catch on. Actually, I like Eighteen the best out of all three songs so far and I don’t know why. Although, Pepe is definitely a close second. Unfortunately though, I think only Ladies’ Code had the best chance at being Wonder Girls 2.0.

  • ta3woon

    that’s interesting. personally i thought CLC as (A)Cube’s slightly left field project group like GG : early fx/RedVelvet :: A Pink : CLC..

    Pepe deserved to be a bigger hit. Is it really CLC’s fault they dont have a gimmicky sexy fancam-bait member??

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Well that was four minutes of my life I’ll never get back

  • jizabel

    The song is adorable and far more memorable for me than Pepe. Too bad Gudetama ruins every shot of this mv she’s in.

  • CLC was dead onarrivval since their first fancams surfaced. The female BTOB tbh.

  • IsM

    Wasn’t hyped a lot by either Pepe or Eighteen, neither by the teasers.

    In the first minute though I was like “this is so fucking good”, it’s “fun and cute” concept at its best and sexy as well (just look at Seungyeon, her body is great and thank god they let her show it).

    I laugh at people writing that CLC showcased a lot of talent with instruments and busking and shit and they don’t deserve that generic mediocre concept (xiahpop). It’s K-pop ffs, this release is one of the few that can bring new fans to K-Pop – it’s almost Gee level for me.

  • Nicole Naeun

    I can’t @ the TiffTaeyeon (the one with short hair). Her fugliness has even surpassed Kumjo…

    As for the comeback, I can barely remember they existed before, but with this I certainly am not gonna put any effort to remember them. Annyeong~

  • i LOVE sorn she’s so outta place! <3

    • ta3woon

      she should be their visual tbh

  • ploxoppa

    Yeaaah, I liked PEPE a lot more. Hopefully, CLC will be able to build some popularity with this though.
    OTT: Namie Amuro’s Golden Touch is a blast! The video is kinda cheesy, but it’s definitely generating some buzz :D

  • Leonardo Henrique

    I think they will suffer from the same issue Dal Shabet is suffering: they will never or hardly will surpass the level of slayage and perfection that their last release was (Dal Shabet with B.B.B to Joker and CLC Pepe to Like)
    I feel like they arent going anywhere.They are from CUBE, jesus, put them in a song with HoeUna!!!!
    And btw, Hi~ will be forever my jam. I cant deal with Jiae unnie-unicorn-babydoll-lolita voice.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I was head over heels in love with Pepe, and I really liked Eighteen, but this is a pass for me, unfortunately. Better luck next time, girls.

  • Julian Jung

    What was Selena Gomez doing there? Unfortunately, this song didn’t do anything for me. I did love how colorful the MV was, but the best part of the whole video was the cute white guy. Instead of being inspired by the Wonder Where They Went Girls, CLC should start looking up (literally) to Nine Muses. Perfect example of how Retro music should be done.


    Every single song on their mini is better than “Like.” Cube needs to chill the fuck out and stop trying so hard to shove them down our throats.

  • Hani

    Their debut song Pepe is really a great hit, but I think Cube badly wants these girls to rise on top that they let them comeback after a month (after debut) and I think this comeback is a bit of a fail because they lack preparations for this.

    But I still love CLC! Seunghee bised here :)