Oh My Girl’s “Cupid” was so spectacular that it made them my favourite rookie girl group of 2015, but Cube Entertainment’s CLC are definitely a close second.

Following their excellent debut with First Love, CLC a.k.a. Girl’s Code have confirmed that they’ll be back with their second mini-album on May 28.

A batch of teaser photos shows that they’ll be taking on a fresh summer concept for this comeback, which should be quite lovely. Cube has made an effort to market CLC as youthful and innocent without drowning them in sugar and lollipops like some of their current rivals, so I’m glad to see that they’re sticking with this style.

Even though the defining “PEPE” and the synth-pop digi single “Eighteen” technically flopped, I have high hopes for CLC. They’ve been receiving interest on Pann (unlike, say, SONAMOO) which shows that teenagers are aware of them, they’ve already landed their first CF, and Cube clearly isn’t playing when it comes to promoting the group with back-to-back comebacks.

They’re also one of the more talented new girl groups to debut, and K-pop MV directors ZanyBros recently mentioned in an interview that Cube’s purposely pushing CLC with a “second Wonder Girls” concept.

Copying SNSD is working for certain other rookies right now, so a second Wonder Girls certainly could too.

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