Oh My Girl’s “Cupid” was so spectacular that it made them my favourite rookie girl group of 2015, but Cube Entertainment’s CLC are definitely a close second.

Following their excellent debut with First Love, CLC a.k.a. Girl’s Code have confirmed that they’ll be back with their second mini-album on May 28.

A batch of teaser photos shows that they’ll be taking on a fresh summer concept for this comeback, which should be quite lovely. Cube has made an effort to market CLC as youthful and innocent without drowning them in sugar and lollipops like some of their current rivals, so I’m glad to see that they’re sticking with this style.

Even though the defining “PEPE” and the synth-pop digi single “Eighteen” technically flopped, I have high hopes for CLC. They’ve been receiving interest on Pann (unlike, say, SONAMOO) which shows that teenagers are aware of them, they’ve already landed their first CF, and Cube clearly isn’t playing when it comes to promoting the group with back-to-back comebacks.

They’re also one of the more talented new girl groups to debut, and K-pop MV directors ZanyBros recently mentioned in an interview that Cube’s purposely pushing CLC with a “second Wonder Girls” concept.

Copying SNSD is working for certain other rookies right now, so a second Wonder Girls certainly could too.

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  • T-rollypoly

    Jacques, you confuse me sometimes. Do you stan Gfriend or not?! XD Also, who’s really you’re favorite amongst all gg rookies? Lovelyz for 2014? and OMG for 2015?

    • Tbh even when I shade girl groups I usually like them, there’s barely any girl group I actively dislike. I do semi-stan GFRIEND but I believe that they have done some shady shit to get where they are. Their agency is obviously really well connected because it’s full of former SM staffers, but for a group with GFRIEND’s average visuals and talent I definitely think there’s been sponsors or bribes or something to get GFRIEND as big as they are right out the gate.

      I would say LOVELYZ is probably my fave gg rookie of 2014, because when I look at the debuting groups of last year there really isn’t that many, and some have already disbanded like Bob Girls. The main ones are Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, and LOVELYZ, and I think LOVELYZ is my fave because i love their weird synth-pop stuff, their cute image, their large number of members etc. Red Velvet is good but kind of just another f(x). I feel like none of SM’s new artists, like RV and EXO, have been able to live up to the previous generation artists like TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee etc.

      2015 fave gg rookie is def Oh My Girl so far! But I REALLY like CLC too.

      • T-rollypoly

        Oh I’m pretty sure GFriend’s agency is pulling some strings no doubt about it. I don’t feel offended though cause I think their PR team and management are pure evil and geniuses at the same time. The media play from the get go with the blatant copying of SNSD concept, song, dance moves and even the leader’s name being Sowon, pure evil and I love it. =D The amount of Gfriend articles pouring from English and Korean websites, unparalleled. Their PR manager needs a raise seriously.

        Yeah Red Velvet is not doing it for me too, they’re fine but I’ll just stick to f(x).

        My fave for 2014 is Lovelyz too, Sujeong and Kei’s voice are definitely the best right now out of the rookies.

        I like OMG now too but I am gonna go with The ARK for 2015.

        • Not The Ark…

          I agree G-Friend’s promo and media play is amazing you can’t help but be impressed. That’s why I get so frustrated with STELLAR coz they had that brilliant Marionette media play with the Facebook voting thing and their shocking transformation, but then someone just totally dropped the ball.

          I really like Red Velvet and f(x)’s music, it’s great, but both groups have always missed something for me. You can have the greatest songs, most amazing art direction, and coolest concepts around, but you need that X factor to really make it pop. Group’s like SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, and BIGBANG all have the it factor. f(x) and Red Velvet, no matter what, always just feel like a bunch of manufactured girls with a fake image who are nothing like what they’re portraying. I know that’s true of basically 99.9% of all groups, but the truly great groups take it to the next level and make you believe that it couldn’t work without them. With groups like EXO, f(x), and Red Velvet, it feels like you could just switch the members around and it wouldn’t even matter because they’re just mannequins anyway.

          • T-rollypoly

            Have you seen the fancam where the ARK danced to call me baby?! They’re great!

            Well Stellar’s promotion team messed up big time because Marionette got their name out there and then they somehow managed to forget to capitalize on the netizen hate. It feels like they caved in to the internet comments, I don’t know. Mask is so good but it flopped so bad because it came out of nowhere, no hype, no promo at all.

            I can see what you mean with the new gen of SM artists. There’s no enthusiasm or whatsoever from them and they are not very special. Individually though, I stan f(x), just not the group.

  • mcf

    Aside from having the best rookie song this year in ‘Pepe’, I think CLC has the most appeal as an idol group.

    I can’t name any members from the other 2015 rookie groups but I already know most of the CLC girls’ names – and I don’t really follow this group.

    They are all cute and easily distinguishable (unlike most of the other rookie groups full of clones).

    I think any lack of success so far is simply due to some sort of fuck-up by Cube on the promotional end. Hopefully they get that on track soon.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    choke us down with continous comebacks my babies!

    i stan the group, their talent, their music and most of all the fact that Sorn is CLC’s Kukumber. look how interesting fugly she is

  • jizabel

    Sorn is a bunion that needs to be shaved the fuck off this group. She looks like Egg from Arrested Development.

    • wash your mouth! sorn is queen! u__u

    • KingBeaArthur


    • UncleFan

      Sorn is the cutest member… you need to switch up your meds or get glasses or something.

  • James Smith III

    So I just realized how old I was!!! Wonder Firls debuted nine years ago….

  • KingBeaArthur

    YES, my babies are back! Loving the summer-y concept on them. Sorn looks adorable!

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Sorn is giving me some Goddess Andamiro with that picture

  • Sunny

    Sorn looks cuter with this darker hair color. they need to stick with that from now on.