I had assumed that CL‘s “Doctor Pepper” song was just going to end up on the cutting room floor or in some bad celebrity soft drink campaign, but it turns out that it’s actually getting an official release.

“Doctor Pepper” officially drops Friday, and it’s listed as a joint collaboration between Diplo (duh), white rapper/troller RiFF RAFF, CL herself, and OG Maco tacked on the end to stop it from becoming a completely all-star no-blacks-allowed project.

With all these names attached it can’t possibly be CL’s lead single. It’s clearly a buzz track to buy CL some more cred with the Mad Decent stans and to further introduce her to American audiences before she drops her real debut and ends Nicki and Iggy’s careers.


What kind of lyrical hip-hop genius…?cl dr pepper


    Fml she is gonna get dragged so hard for this, she’s gonna lose all credibility before she even debuts. Please tell me that isn’t official artwork, it’s a tragic R.L. Stine mess!

    Oh please don’t let this be terrible…I’m so worried the Queen is gonna be a laughing stock!

    • R.L. Stine could never!

      But tbh it seems like that, but then when you think about how embarrassing and untalented Iggy Azalea is yet she has fans and No. 1 hits, it makes you realize anything is possible. Nicki and Iggy seem to have to do the most lowbrow hacky shit to get success, so maybe Queen CL is just following their lead.

      • MIKEE

        R.L. Stine is the Kween of trashy children’s horror! Watch your tongue!

        You have a point though. I just wish CL didn’t have to lower herself to that level because we all know she’s better than that, I mean WAY above that mess. I just want her to succeed so badly that I guess I can accept her doing some ridiculous stuff in order to get noticed.

  • jizabel

    Doctor Pepper? If Coke Bottle flopped for Goddess of Southeast Asia Agnes Monica AKA Agnez Mo, cl’s wack ass doesn’t have a prayer. Though I cunt wait for Grand Dragon’s attempt with Crystal Pepsi.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Riff Raff though. The.FUCK.

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Jacques, I’ll give you credit where its due, but this is definitely one of your weaker troll posts. If the cover art didn’t looked like a LiVii album art with CL’s mug badly photoshopped onto it perhaps a mentally-challanged child may have thought that this post was legitimate, but its obvious you spent about three seconds crafting this.

    • don’t hate on me for being a CL stan!

  • Sunny

    reminds me of soulja boy’s pretty boy swag. i dig the song and the cover. This might make me stan CL actually…

  • supezzy411

    she actually looks like Iggy Azalea D:

  • ibRochelleL

    Guess I’m the only one that likes the album art. :P