When I saw that SM Town had posted a brand new BoA music video, I thought that she’d gone and pulled a Beyonce with a surprise release. Then I realized that the MV, for a breezy little number titled “Who Are You,” was just a pre-release single before the 28-year-old makes her full-fledged K-pop comeback on May 12 with her eighth studio album.

Even though “Who Are You” is just a pre-release, I really wouldn’t have minded if it was the official single. It’s a lovely throwback to the late ’90s J-pop that was so heavily influenced by the trendy American R&B and hip-hop of that decade. (Although many urban J-divas are still pushing this very sound today, so in some ways it still feels current for J-pop. Or should I say dated?)

“Who Are You” was supposedly written and produced by BoA herself. I never believe Korean idols when they say they’ve self-composed music as it’s usually just a marketing tactic learned from America to make manufactured pop stars look like ‘artists’, but “Who Are You” shares many similarities with some of BoA’s other self-composed singles, like “Only One” and “Disturbance,” so she might actually be telling the truth.

There’s a lot of “Disturbance” in “Who Are You,” but the old-school flavour and hip-hop twist (thanks to a strong feature from rapper Gaeko) gives the song its own style. It feels like a long-run hit that’s going to hang around Melon all summer even if it’s actual chart peak isn’t terribly high.

As expected, K-pop’s endlessly excellent dancing queen has delivered the goods just like she does with every comeback. (Minus maybe “Hurricane Venus,” but EVERY track minus the title from that album slayed so it doesn’t count.) I just wish SM didn’t have to stick a fucking EXO member in the MV to get the kids to pay attention. In a perfect world just BoA would be enough.

  • KingBeaArthur


    And I think it’s safe to say we all learned something from this mv: when a woman achieves an orgasm, flower petals and butterflies burst from her. Bless you SM for this knowledge.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Fucking iconic song <3

  • Sunny

    glad you don’t think shes pulling a Theifyonce. I think they’re more believable when you’ve seen that they’ve written/produced for other artists outside their company instead of themselves only (ex. Zico)

    Anyways, song is a gem and i can’t wait for her comeback *_*

  • Marhaebwa


  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    flower petals and butterflies. YAAAAAS.

    forgive me, oh great gods of Kpop for i find TheHun hot in this video

  • a_chan

    BoA’s self compositions have a definite sound. You can hear the beginnings of it on her Identity album. She produced half of the album and you can tell it’s very amateurish but the foundation for Only One, Disturbance and Who Are You is there.

    Anyway, love the song and anticipating her 8th album Kiss My Lips. The Queen is back!

  • JammySmoochie

    Love this! I think it helps that I am someone who immensely enjoyed Only One and Disturbance too. Can’t wait for the full album.

  • honestly if i saw sehun in real life that would probably be my reaction, too

  • James Smith III


  • OMFG! this song is perfection and fuck it makes my heart flutter like i wanna be in love <3 ___ <3

  • Nicole Naeun

    WTF?? Hurricane Venus is the fucking most amazing, def slays Only You and Disturbance easily! (Love all songs tho)

    • Never!

      But pre-release single Game is fucking iconic