BoA Grows Up On Sophisticated (And Sexy!) New Single: 'Kiss My Lips'
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Without tracing way back to the days of divas like Kim Wan-sun and Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA is without a doubt the undisputed modern Queen of K-pop. At just 28-years-old she’s a legend who’s broken chart records both at home and abroad, but a pop star’s shelf life is short, especially in Korea, and BoA’s now stuck in that awkward place between teen idol and adult artist.

On her sensual new single, “Kiss My Lips,” BoA embraces father time with gusto by taking a page out of Seo In Young’s book and going straight-up synthesized R&B. The sophisticated production is reminiscent of some of the Prince-inspired urban music that’s made a resurgence in the States since Miguel blew up. That’s probably because Danity Kane hitmakers The Stereotypes are credited with co-producing it, alongside BoA herself.

Along with the new sound comes a new look: BoA finally sheds her dancing tomboy persona for a sexy, womanly transformation. (Not a shock for a song that’s probably about cunnilingus.) The gorgeous music video looks like SM stripped everything sterile and generic from their dance-in-a-box clips and hired Kylie Minogue’s team to make it every bit as pretty and lush as a music video for a song called “Kiss My Lips” should be.

(Speaking of Kylie, both she and Janet Jackson would kill to have this as their comeback single!)

So yeah, it’s great, but it’s BoA. Of course it’s great. The only difference is that now, after fifteen years in the business, she’s truly shedding her teen pop star image and stepping it up as both a woman and an artist. If this is the beginning of BoA 2.0, then I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.