Block B debuted in Japan under King Records earlier this year with a Japanese version of their annoying Korean hit, “Very Good.” It did quite well for a K-pop artist in 2015, selling over 34,000 copies, so now the boys are back with the Japanese version of last year’s best boy band single, “H.E.R.”

I thought this sounded awkward on the first spin, but that was just because I was so used to the original. After five plays on repeat, I’m totally sold. But to be fair, I could probably listen to “H.E.R.” in any language and still be completely obsessed with it. Swahili, Simlish, whatever tongue that idiot Beyonce mumbles–“H.E.R.” works in any language or dialect.

In other news, back home in Korea Block B’s shady BASTARZ unit is currently killing it on the charts. “Conduct Zero” is No. 12 on the latest Gaon chart after peaking at No. 6 a few weeks ago, and it’s still holding strong in Melon’s top twenty.

That Block B reign…

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