BESTie's 'Excuse Me' Is The Group's Best Single Yet
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BESTie is an amazing girl group who have to live with the shame of being being both a SISTAR tribute act and the flop ex-members of the now mega-successful EXID.

They’re now trying to rectify both of these things with their new single, “Excuse Me.” You can find some SISTAR similarities if you try (the horns, the lurid “Touch My Body” color palette, the trashy high-waisted shorts) but you’d be reaching. It also has enough potential to nudge BESTie out of EXID’s shadow, which engulfed them the moment “Up & Down” hit daebak.

Duble Sidekick and his bro Homeboy (bless these men for the hits they’ve bestowed on us unworthy mortals) have delivered an electro-free, retromodern dance track in “Excuse Me.” Big band brass plays side by side with quaking hip-hop bass and trap snares for a best of both worlds pop music experience.

It takes a while to get to the real chorus –so long that for exactly one minute and ten seconds I thought BESTie had dropped a hook-less Jewelry “Back It Up” bomb– but once it finally hits it’s massive. The tempo turns right up, the energy increases, and BESTie perform sexed-up Beyonce-killing Fosse choreography.

BESTie’s vintage dance moves will certainly come in handy when ‘The SISTAR Spectacular Starring BESTie‘ revue kicks off its official Vegas residency next year.

The “Excuse Me” MV plays like a K-pop version of John Carpenter’s They Live (one of the best action horror flicks of the ’80s FYI), with BESTie getting their hands on a pair of special glasses that allow them to see men’s true intentions. According to the logic of this video, every man you ever meet in Korea will either be a deceitful sleazebag or gay. Very, very gay.

What’s interesting is that BESTie don’t shy away from the homosexual content in the clip, with scenes of major skinship between the men, including an only partially obscured kiss. I usually find gay stuff in American pop music to feel terribly contrived and pandering, but in Korea where the world’s most outrageously flamboyant queen Jo Kwon is still in the closet, it’s actually brave for BESTie to air some same-sex nookie. (Even if it just for media play, which so far doesn’t appear to be working.)

The best summer-themed girl group single usually goes to SISTAR each year, but for the first time since they debuted, BESTie is finally going to give their inspiration a run for their money instead of just picking up their scraps. Even if they don’t trump them, it’s progress.

P.S. I’ve now decided this about BESTie: Uji is the second Hyorin with her big vocals and energetic sex appeal, Dahye is the second Yura with her perfect proportions and insipid talk-rapping, Haeryang is second Dasom with her talentless visual maknae act-dol thang, and Hyeyeon is the original Keumjo with her face and body that lacks compared to her bandmates and an average voice that fails to make up for it.