If you’re anything like me and want to dive deeper into classic J-pop but don’t know where to start outside of the obvious superstars like Pink Lady and Seiko, then this playlist is for you.

Japan’s DJ Bawxxx has just dropped a Soundcloud playlist called ‘Summer Dream’ of all cruisy female bubblegum and city-pop from the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s a great listen from start to finish.

There’s a healthy mix of big idols with more obscure J-pop relics, including Azusa Senou, Etsuko Sai, Miho Morikawa, and Yumiko Takahashi.

It’s interesting to see how J-pop stars of past eras adopted the mainstream funk and pop from the West and put their own spin on it, and also how current artists like Especia are reviving the sound for new audiences. I can even hear the occasional similarity between this playlist and my favourite Japanese girl band Tokyo Girls’ Style. (Not a surprise since much of TGS’ music is produced by disco revivalist Hiroshi Matsui a.k.a. Royal Mirrorball, who would’ve been a teenager back when this stuff was topping the charts.)

Take a listen below via J-pop guru Make Believe Melodies.

01.土曜の夜にRainbow – 瀬能あづさ
02.サマースクール ランデブー – 島田奈美
03.Kiss – 長沢ゆりか
04.Airport Dance – 彩恵津子
05.カリブの熱い砂 – 中野麻衣子
06.心の半分 – 石岡美紀
07.ヴィーナスは眠れない – CHIYONO
08.Real Mind – 森川美穂
09.夏は暑い – 高橋由美子
10.愛がPOWER – 黒沢律子
11.LOVING YOU が抱き締めてる – 長沢ゆりか