I went through a stage where I foolishly stopped listening to 2PM for an extended period of time, and I only came crawling back a few months ago once I’d realized the error of my ways.

I’ve been meaning to repent with a post about how flawless the underrated Go Crazy! era was despite its floppage and something about how much I love 2PM’s Japanese music, but until then, here’s some news on Junho‘s next solo album.

2PM’s most bootylicious member is set to release his third Japanese EP, So Good, on July 15. This means it’ll probably overlap with 2PM’s Korean comeback, or Junho will go straight from group promotions into solo stuff. Miss A only promoted “Only You” for a few weeks, so 2PM’s domestic schedule might be short too.

The covers, tracklist, and MV teaser are all out, which show a fun summer concept–included a shirtless beach shot.

Junho’s upper body is off the chain, but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we want that donk in Speedos with an accompanying “Anaconda” style music video.

Anyway, visuals aside, I quite liked Junho’s last album, FEEL, and I loved the title track. It sounded like a beefed up “I’ll Be Back,” except happy.

Wooyoung’s last J-pop solo single, the funky throwback “R.O.S.E,” was also great.

2PM’s one of the top hallyu artists in Japan, so sales for So Good should be solid. Junho’s albums actually sell around the same amount that 2PM’s do, although 2PM’s on a TVXQ level when it comes to their singles sales.

And to think, some people have the nerve to say 2PM’s a bunch of washed-up flops now. It’s called hallyu, bitches–repeatedly hitting No. 1 on the Oricon chart and landing CFs in China. Look it up.
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