I don’t mind a little 2AM every now and then if I’m in the mood for a great big Asian ballad, but I’m more into member Seulong on his own. Every K-pop fan knows his adorable IU duet “Nagging,” but he’s also got some other great solo bits and pieces, like the sexy “Loveskin” or his divine foray into electronica with DJ Clazzi, “How We Feel.”

On his official first single as a solo artist, “Mood Swing,” Seulong shakes off the JYP sheen and asserts himself as a real artiste. The ambient, rock tinged hip-hop track was written and composed by the man himself and features underground rapper Black Nut, who once rapped about Beenzino’s pubes and likes to diss people.

Anyway, Seulong sounds as beautiful and evocative as always on this… I just wish I knew what he was singing about. (Nobody seems to have translated it yet.)

“Mood Swing” is a very promising start for Seulong’s upcoming single-album, Normal, which drops May 22 through SidusHQ. It’ll probably be all urban (I’ve always wanted to hear some more indie electronica from him), but as long as it isn’t generic urban then I’ll be happy.


    This is more like track 5 instead of a title track but its decent, I liked Black Nut’s verse.
    I need Kween Kwonnie to make a comeback and slay for all the closeted gays of Korea.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I love Seulong, but his is my least favorite of the 4 voices that made/make up 2AM. In the context of the group he works perfectly, and even on that DJ Clazzi collab he was fine, but I don’t think his vocals are strong or charismatic enough to carry a song by himself (see: Black Nut’s verse, which breaks up the flow nicely and the production, which was cool & interesting).

    I wish he’d just stuck to acting. He’s a better actor then he is soloist imo. Oh, and he’s handsome. He’s giving me classic Hollywood, grown man handsome in this mv!

    • This exactly is what JYP does time after time..
      Just like how Sunmi got a solo before any other Wonder Girl…
      (I think it has a lot to do with looks at JYP tbh)