As Momoiro Clover Z continues to reach new heights of superstardom with KISS collaborations and Sailor Moon tie-ins, another girl group from Stardust Promotion, Takoyaki Rainbow, is starting to gather some steam too.

The girls have been releasing indie singles exclusive to the Kanasai region since they debuted in late 2013, but their fourth (and latest effort), “Genki Uri no Shoujo ~Naniwa Meika Gojussenn~,” is their first to go on sale nationwide.

It’s another hyperactive idol pop record, but it’s not nuts enough to the point where it stops being a catchy pop song. There’s a neat disco breakdown on the bridge filled with electric anime guitars, but my favourite bit is the conversational delivery when two of the members deliver their lives while performing a two-man stand act on stage.

Stardust hired Lucky Ikeda to choreograph the clip, who was behind the moves for the Japanese viral sensation “Youkai Taisou Daiichi.” There isn’t a whole lot of dancing in the video though, just lots of bowling, table tennis, and arm flailing.

Perhaps a dance PV is on the way?

Anyway, check out “Genki Uri no Shoujo ~Naniwa Meika Gojussenn~” below!

[Via Tokyo Girls Update]