Anybody who follows T-ara already knows that they’re THE TREND in China, but the non-believers got a hard dose of reality over the weekend when T-ara swept the fan-voted YinYueTai V-Chart Awards.

T-ara picked up awards for Most Popular Korean Artist and Hot Trend Korean Artist, while Jiyeon beat Namie Amuro, Jolin Tsai, and Taylor Swift for Best Female Artist. T-ara won more awards than any other K-pop star that night, which included both f(x) and EXO.

(FYI, YinYueTai is one of China’s biggest video sharing websites, where T-ara holds the record for the most-viewed music video with their life-changing hit “No. 9.”)

The V-Awards are just some of the many trophies that T-ara’s picked up over the past six months, but this victory in particular has gained some attention in Korea, with OSEN and TopStarNews publishing the article: ‘Why Is T-ara So Popular In China?’ (You might have seen it mentioned over at Netizenbuzz, but you can read the full translated article at Tiara Diadem.)

Korean netizens are naturally pressed as phuck over Slay-ara’s continued success (“Just stay in China!” wrote one), but Slay-ara’s too busy winning awards, performing for Malaysian royalty, and signing $1 million USD endorsement deals to give two shits about what the haters back home are saying.

T-ara’s determination is truly astounding. First they hit daebak in Korea to become one of the biggest K-pop groups of the past decade, then they rode the hallyu wave to Japan where they made history with the No. 1 Oricon debut of “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and their iconic Pachinko CF, and now they’re leading the new hallyu wave in China.

I can’t wait for T-ara’s next step, which is their web drama and OST which will be the next You Who Came From The Stars in China, as well as Eunjung’s solo debut which will flop in Korea but break records on YinYueTai.

That T-ara reign…

  • jmae

    well said

  • James Smith III

    These girls stay winning

  • KingBeaArthur

    They deserve every bit of success they receive.

    Jiyeon looked perfect during her 1Min1Sec stage~

  • T-rollypoly

    I believe they beat EXO with more or less 500,000? votes for the Most Popular Korean Artist Award. Landslide victory for our QUEENS.

  • negredo

    you should include reference with this legit source. but this old article. from 2013.

    look for T-ARA.


    • T-rollypoly

      Despite this a lot of antis and wannabe antis still won’t admit that at one point T-ara was on a brink of being on top. A lot of newer Kpop fans on NB who weren’t there when T-ara was ruling Kpop are also joining the T-ara hate bandwagon.

      • IKR. At T-ara’s peak it was SNSD No. 1, then 2NE1 and T-ara in equal second place. T-ara’s potential was limitless since they also had successful acting and CF and variety career, so they could’ve definitely reached that girl group legend level eventually.

        It’s crazy to think that they were only in their third year when the scandal happened yet they had already become one of the biggest K-pop artists of the decade. Imagine if they made it to year 5 without the scandal?

        • T-rollypoly

          So much yes! They were defintely passing 2ne1 with one more hit because 2ne1 peaked earlier and T-ara were just starting to be everywhere before that stupid scandal. Imagine Sexy Love, Number 9 and Sugar Free without the scandal, would’ve passed Snsd for sure.

          Look at where the Dream High casts are now. IU and Suzy?
          Eunjung was the best actress of the bunch!

          • negredo

            until now, there is no plan for t-ara to comeback as actress. MBK should promote them more on acting prior to their hiatus in produce new music. eunjung & jiyeon originally an actress before debut with T-ara, so MBK should grab any chance now to realize their dream as actress.

          • T-rollypoly

            There will be releasing web dramas soon so that’s a good start. If you’re talking about actress on TV and the big screen, I’m with you on that.

          • negredo

            web drama kinda weak start for them. and until now there is no official statement from them about that. it’s make me worried because it’s MBK/CCM. eunjung & jiyeon already make a acting comeback as cameo/ additional cast. so MBK should use their power to get some acting job for them.

            i also waiting for SPEED comeback, The Seeya full album, & eunjung solo debut. this also make me worried. yeah MBK/CCM are famous for not treat their artist well, doing short promotion, release song without any notice,. “sigh”

            and yeah i will wait for their webdrama. ^^

  • Amyaah

    I’m so happy for their sucess in China. They’re sadly wasted in Korea…stay and slay in China where they’re more appreciated

  • mankol



    So now can they become THE TREND over here in America to save us from the wasteland that is our music industry?

    • Db

      I would cry manly manly tears if that became a reality.

  • Marhaebwa

    “Jiyeon beat Namie Amuro, Jolin Tsai, and Taylor Swift for Best Female Artist. “

    The power of QUEENS
    She deserves it tbh.

  • Lady

    So much win in this article. T-ara is everything.

  • Db

    They’ll forever be my #1 group no matter what. They can’t do wrong in my books.

  • ByronZ

    So happy with everything in this post.
    Jiyeon slayed with her performance!
    T-ara <3 <3 <3

  • Sha

    Denial Fans will say…NO!!! CRY K-NETZ…CRY…but we T-ARA fans are laughing at you…I just want to slap that trophy on K-Netz faces!!!