T-ara is branching out into the beauty business!

The group’s agency, MBK Entertainment, has partnered with some random cosmetics company to launch Clean Beauty — with a campaign fronted by none other than the Best Looking Idol In Real Life and No. 1 Most Beautiful Face, Jiyeon!

Jiyeon appears in ads for the brand’s flagship product, a CC and BB cream in one called CB Cream.

Since T-ara are known as China’s girl group, the CB Brand is also set to launch in China.

Also, thanks to the hard work of Ambassador for South Korea-Brunei Diplomatic Relations Eunjung, MBK has partnered with a Bruneian company to develop halal beauty products for Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

What a determined group T-ara is! Lost their popularity in Korea so they made millions in Japan and China, toured Vietnam, Thailand, and Mongolia, and met with Malayasian royalty. They lost their CFs in Korea, so their company just created a cosmetics brand for them to model for instead. They couldn’t get hired for big dramas any more, so they filmed a web drama for the hallyu market that will get more viewers online than any K-drama on TV ever could.

Don’t Korean netizens know that when they make tired ‘determination’ jokes about T-ara that it’s actually a compliment?

jiyeon ceci
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  • Db

    She gets prettier and prettier with every passing day!

    Now if only they’d release their trash collaboration with Chris Brown and kickstart that venture into the American market.

    • T-rollypoly

      I’m still pressed about that Chris Brown and T-ara fiasco. I remember wanting to smash his face when it just happened.

      • Me too! I love his music but that made me so mad

        • niyahhill

          I’m mad that I actually loved the remix version that was made. And that I keep rewatching that teaser video with Chris Brown rapping on N4. Like it was fucking gold and it would’ve been a fucking HIT! FUCK CL.

          • What! I didn’t realize a teaser had ever been released??!!? Is it a video, or just a soundclip?

          • niyahhill

            It’s both actually. It’s and video Of someone on a computer playing a short sound clip. And on sound cloud there was another version (teaser) the same song this time not Chris rapping but Wiz Khalifa

          • Uhhhhh want so bad. Why do hackers spend their time releasing demos of Madonna and Bjork when they could snatch this gold?

          • niyahhill

            Hackers?? More like Madoonna old ass did that herself. And yes hackers need to find this or MBK OPPA NEEDS TO BUY AND RELEAER THIS.

  • _craypopper

    Determination really is a compliment when it comes to these girls!

  • William Love

    maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s FUCKING HOTTER THAN YOUR FAVES and you will deal <3

  • Normally I don’t care about celebrity endorsed products, but all this looks so pretty! Also, aren’t Brunei cosmetics good/in everything?

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Netizens can hate all they want. At the end of the day T-ara are one of the only groups making any real money whilst your fave is giving blowjobs in gangnam back alleyways to afford their new nose

  • She’s mythical :)
    Love me some Jiyeon.

  • Sha

    She’s the exact meaning of BAEUTY PERFECTION!

  • lol

    why they didn’t pick hyomin? just asking

    • Sha

      Jiyeon is the Most Popular Member and the FACE of T-ara that’s why. Jiyeon is always the one in-charge for promotion since she’s the Visual.

  • Leonardo Henrique

    I need pancadey comments

  • qribom

    I’m gonna bring these pictures to my plastic surgeon and tell him “I want to look like this when I wake up!”