After crying about all the hate she still receives from the green-eyed eunuchs that make up the bulk of Korea’s disgruntled netizens, T-ara‘s Eunjung is trying to wipe the slate clean with a new stage name.

T-ara’s ace will officially be known as Elsie for her upcoming solo single, “I’m Good,” which just so happens to feature chart-topping R&B crooner K.Will.

I’m not crazy about the name Elsie, but hey, at least she didn’t call herself Ha:tfelt.

This whole solo project is shaping up to be pretty interesting so far, and a complete 180 from the previous T-ara solos, Jiyeon’s sad ‘n’ sexy “1min1sec” and Hyomin’s deliciously sleazy “Nice Body.”

The K.Will collaboration is a huge grab for T-ara, and further proof that the girls still have all their industry friends and connections despite dumbfuck netizens believing that everybody hates T-ara just because they do.

I’m not sure how this whole ‘Elsie’ thing will go, but since T-ara’s name¬†will be tarnished for at least another decade in Korea,¬†Eunjung’s got nothing to lose with this stunt.

Whatever happens, I’m just glad that Eunjung is finally going solo. Even without my T-ara stan bias, there’s no denying that she’s one of –if not THE– most well rounded idol in K-pop. Just check her resume, bitch; good singer, rapper, dancer, visual, and actress, charismatic, good at variety, and a top CF-dol before T-ara’s scandal. Your bias just can’t compete with Elsie, so don’t even try.

Look out for “I’m Good” to drop tomorrow.

elsie 03 elsie 02 elsie 01

[Via T-ara World]

  • hmm… dunno. elsie sounds like a bad horror movie ghost. lol let’s see… i love eunjung i’m pretty sure i won’t be disappointed.

    • The Queen of Pop could never disappoint!

      • gawd this is so awful! lol

        • Um I think you mean AMAZING. It sounds like an anime song it’s adorable, I’ve played it like 100 times or something. Banisuta era is iconic. Thjs, Soyeon’s Love Poem, and Boram’s Maybe Maybe all slay me

    • T-rollypoly

      Well when someone mentions horror movie ghosts, Eunjung is the first one that comes into mind. Remember “White: The Melody of the Curse”? Fucking iconic. =p

      • lol i know! now the elsie shtick all reminds me of that crappy “frozen” shit…which makes me raise my eyebrow

      • _craypopper

        Yes, Yes, Yes. I was about to say this. The movie AND the song were both ICONIC!

  • Db

    Don’t hate! Stupid name aside, Ha:tfelt was a stellar mini.

    I was kinda hoping for something much more dance oriented from Eunjung. Something along the lines of White would have been amazing. Ballads are really not my thing, but I’ll still give it a shot. It’s Eunjung and T-ARA after all.

    • Eunjung’s R&B ballad will be like Mary J Blige meets Baek Ji Young, but more upgraded and iconic.

  • T-rollypoly

    I think Elise is much better than Elsie but who am I kidding, even if she calls herself Epilepsy, I would still support her.

    • Marhaebwa

      “Epilepsy ft. K. Will”


  • Louisxvi

    Despite Eunjung lowkey dissing one of may all time faves Hwayoung, I am excited for her debut solely on the name Elsie. It sounds like she wants to escape being shackled withe Eunjung’s name and T-ara’s legacy. After all Elsie is just else with an extra i. The name alone actually makes me really for Eunjung and I am looking forwards to her music.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Aww Ha:tfelt…awwww.

    This wasn’t what I was expecting from her, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Is it only a digital single, though?

  • yosafbridge

    I didn’t know Hani and Eunjung were friends. Here’s EXID Hani showing her support for Eunjung’s Elsie debut :

    Translated : “Elsie and K Will’. To be revealed on May 1st midnight. The song is very good. Hani approves.”

    This show of support is actually significant since May 1st is Hani’s Birthday. Instead of using the date to talk about her Bday, she used the airtime to drum up publicity for her friend.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    that Ha:tfelt shade. i can’t see anything in my room now. lol.

    i’m a bit on the ‘meh’ side with the stage name and the single. i really think she would’ve done better with a sexier, more risque T-ara. pulling off a Hyuna but using EDM and thunder thighs instead of boobs.

    …a man can dream