After crying about all the hate she still receives from the green-eyed eunuchs that make up the bulk of Korea’s disgruntled netizens, T-ara‘s Eunjung is trying to wipe the slate clean with a new stage name.

T-ara’s ace will officially be known as Elsie for her upcoming solo single, “I’m Good,” which just so happens to feature chart-topping R&B crooner K.Will.

I’m not crazy about the name Elsie, but hey, at least she didn’t call herself Ha:tfelt.

This whole solo project is shaping up to be pretty interesting so far, and a complete 180 from the previous T-ara solos, Jiyeon’s sad ‘n’ sexy “1min1sec” and Hyomin’s deliciously sleazy “Nice Body.”

The K.Will collaboration is a huge grab for T-ara, and further proof that the girls still have all their industry friends and connections despite dumbfuck netizens believing that everybody hates T-ara just because they do.

I’m not sure how this whole ‘Elsie’ thing will go, but since T-ara’s name¬†will be tarnished for at least another decade in Korea,¬†Eunjung’s got nothing to lose with this stunt.

Whatever happens, I’m just glad that Eunjung is finally going solo. Even without my T-ara stan bias, there’s no denying that she’s one of –if not THE– most well rounded idol in K-pop. Just check her resume, bitch; good singer, rapper, dancer, visual, and actress, charismatic, good at variety, and a top CF-dol before T-ara’s scandal. Your bias just can’t compete with Elsie, so don’t even try.

Look out for “I’m Good” to drop tomorrow.

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[Via T-ara World]