I’m happy for the success of miss A‘s Colors comeback, but there’s no doubt that this era is all about Suzy and nobody else.

Suzy’s just landed a solo cover of Dazed & Confused magazine, while Fei and Jia are doing flop promo gigs like appearing on KBS2’s Safety First. No idea what Min’s up to.

The only attention I’ve seen the other members get lately is netizens accusing them of bullying Suzy.

You can’t really blame JYP Ent for focusing this era on Suzy because it’s obviously working judging by the charts, but there’s gotta be some more work out there for the other members. I want Fei with a solo Maxim cover and a spot on Match Made In Heaven Returns, and a hip-hop and dance sub-unit from Min and Jia. If 2YOON can get a country music unit, then Jia and Min should be able to get a rap one.

Anyway, I’m digging the Dazed shoot even though Suzy is a bit too sweet and innocent to pull off the concept as well as other some idols would. Dazed and Nylon are my favourite pictorials because they’re always edgy and creative, but this shoot would’ve been better with the other members included too, like the Hello Venus Dazed spread.

suzy dazed 05

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