STELLAR kicked off their “Fool” promotions last month with a much classier image than their game changing “Marionette” era, but after the song failed to chart due to sabotage from sajaegi-dols G-Spot, STELLAR have reverted back to their old tricks in a last ditch effort to turn their flailing careers around.

The TLC jazz-dols have altered their stage outfits to replace the relatively demure high-waisted leggings they wore before with “Marionette” hot pants and hooker heels that further elongate their model-like legs and deflect attention away from their shiny foundation.

With their unmatched bodies on full display once again, STELLAR is officially K-pop’s No. 1 sexy visual group after Nine Muses vacated the throne following the bizarre addition of Goosebumps-dol KumJoop.

Despite addressing the harsh criticism they received for their iconic meta sexy concept in the “Fool” MV,  STELLAR remain unapologetic about their erotic goddess supermodel beauty, recently telling Star News: “Sensationalism and controversies of the sexy concept? We don’t regret it.”

Now let’s pray that a STELLAR fancam hits daebak like Hani and “Fool” rebounds and becomes a sleeper smash. Minhee already has a “Marionette” cam with 2.6 million views, but nothing from the “Fool” era has gone viral–yet!