This might be hard for some new K-pop fans to understand, but washed-up K-diva turned b-list actress Son Dambi used to be a really big star.

Dambi’s defining hit single was her ’80s anthem “Saturday Night,” but her big breakout was undoubtedly “Crazy” and its accompanying chair dance that became a hot trend back in TWO DOUBLE OH EIGHT. Think of “Crazy” as the “Expectation” before her “Something.”

These days The First Lady Of Brave Sound has traded in her pop career for Kellogg’s commercials, but one female songstress who still has a few hits in her future is SECRET’s Hyosung. (Or ‘Jun Hyo Seong’ as TS Entertainment insists on calling her.)

Hyosung will make her solo comeback on May 7 with her first mini-album, Fantasia, and she’s enlisted the “Crazy” choreographer to do the moves for the Duble Sidekick-produced lead single.

Fuck yes.

The choreographer was also behind Baek Ji Young‘s big techno hit “My Ear’s Candy,” which is one of the more successful K-diva tunes of the late 2000s.

Because Jun Hyo Seong is the new Queen of Dancing, she’s also working with a second choreographer. This one did the moves for SECRET’s timeless lullaby “Starlight Moonlight” and their breakout single, “Magic.” (MAH MAZIK, MAZIK, MAZIK!)

Speaking of all things mazical, Hyo’s dyed her hair back to a “Magic” era shade of yellow blonde.

This is already my new favourite comeback of the year, and it isn’t even being released for another week!

Check out the classic K-diva realness of “Crazy” and “My Ear’s Candy” below, as well as some photos of Jun Hyo Seong’s new (old) look. The performance photos were taken at a recent event that SECRET performed at.

hyosung fantasia

hyosung blonde 02 hyosung blonde

  • T-rollypoly

    Son Dambi made me the man I am today.

    • She made many people the man they are today!

  • Quang Phạm

    Love how you talk about Son Dambi like she’s some choreographer we only know from a distance.

  • KingBeaArthur

    A CF check is a CF check, you shady bitch! Even the biggest stars end up selling sugary soda and chicken at the end of the day.

    I canNOT wait for this comeback!!

  • MolkangMolkang

    Seriously can’t wait for this comeback esp after that promo photo, I live for the darker concepts.

  • JammySmoochie

    Purple-haired Hyosung is still my fave but Blonde Hyosung will do.

    I wish nothing but the best for this comeback. I am especially for the killer live stages. Hyosung (and frankly all of Secret) always slays live performances.

  • hyosungfangirl

    OMG this will be legendary I am soooo ready yessss

  • ByronZ

    Son Dam Bi’s “Crazy” & “Saturday Night”. On repeat!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Angel-Faced Hyosung can do no wrong.

  • Marhaebwa

    Why can Hyosung do no wrong? It infuriates me. She’s void of flaw. I can’t.

  • hyosungfangirl