Last year a ranking of Korea’s most unlikable female singers placed trot babe Hong Jin Young at No. 4, just behind T-ara’s Jiyeon, T-ara the group, and drug-dol Park Bom. I don’t know why the HyunA of trot is so hated (especially considering her success on the charts), but it hasn’t stopped So Yumi from trying to Single White Female her life and career.

Stans of flop girl groups will know So Yumi from the short-lived KISS&CRY, who earned attention last year for their strong talent and charisma before calling it quits after just two singles. (With a better agency, they probably would’ve become MAMAMOO.)

Member So Yumi has now gone solo and reinvented herself as sexy gangnam unnie performing modern trot-pop songs–a.k.a. Hong Jin Young. Yumi has added some campier elements to her act though, like electro breakdowns and gigantic dancing teddy bears.

I’m not crazy about her first single, “Shake Me Up,” but Korea needs more contemporary hot trot singers to capture the ears and genitals of the younger generation, so I’m 100% behind it.

I just really want So Yumi and Hong Jin Young to form a duo, like the Davichi of trot. They can be called Hot2Trot, or PLOT (short for Plastic + Trot).

Somebody please make this happen. Thanks.