SECRET’s Hyosung who is known for her glamorous body and sexy charisma…

hyosung 01

…has suddenly become innocently pretty

Hyosung 02

Even her voluminous body can’t distract from how pretty her face is…

hyosung 04

That’s how she became a bagel girl

hyosung 12

She even became the MC of a beauty program…

hyosung 08

Does she even wear makeup? She can have a bare face at an awards ceremony and still look jjang 0_0

hyosung 06

She’s an 89’r yet she looks like a student (O_0) how is it possible?!

hyosung 07

People say she did plastic surgery but she hasn’t changed since high school..she just gained some weight… she’s naturally pretty

hyosung high school

Stop saying she’s ilbe you b*tches… does this look like an ilbe bug to you??

hyosung 05

Her stomach has no fat… her body alone turns other idols into octopuses… that’s why antis say she’s ilbe… jealous b*tches #_#

hyosung 11

The more I look at this unnie the more crazy I get @_@

hyosung 10

Jeon Hyo-sung ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

hyosung 12

bye bye~

hyosung 13