It looks like the new Queens of the Underground Tokyo Girls’ Style are staying true to their promise of transitioning from idols to artistes.

Avex has let one of the girls off the leash to form a special collaboration unit with 34-year-old rapper Saue, and no, it’s not the group’s pretty center member Hitomi Arai. 17-year-old Yuri Nakae has landed the gig in the new duo, named Saue To Nakae.

The odd couple will release their debut EP, the brilliantly titled Beer & Juice, on May 20.

Lead single, “SO.RE.NA,” is a luminous slice of PC pop, rap, and electronica that, judging by the colorful music video, plays with the generational gap between Saue and Nakae. It really sounds like a peppier version of Uffie’s “Our Song” from the now long forgotten Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans album, but I digress.

Second single, “Too Shy Boy,” is straight up ’80s pop with a funky bounce. If they just threw some cheesy sax into the mix, it could pass for one of Especia’s glossy City Pop jams.

I don’t know what we’ve all done to deserve this musical blessing, but please keep praying to whatever god you believe in and thank him/her/it for bestowing this J-pop bounty upon us unworthy sinners.

Also, is anybody else going to finally agree with me yet that Tokyo Girls’ Style is a contender for Japan’s best girl group, or are y’all still in denial?

サ上と中江がぶっかますっ!もうすぐ出番くるぜ!よっしゃっしゃっす! #sauetonakae

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