Oh Boy, Oh My Girl Dropped The Best Song Of The Year: 'Cupid'
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I’m a girl group super stan, but even I wasn’t excited when WM Entertainment first announced that they were launching a “B1A4 little sister group” called Oh My Girl. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little B1A4 every now and then, but I don’t like them enough to need a female equivalent. Plus, B1A4 are already more feminine than any girl group could ever be, so what’s the point?

Anyway, fast forward a month or two later, and I’m on YouTube having my MIND BLOWN by the best girl group single of the year: “Cupid.”

kramer gif

“Cupid” was composed by A-list hitmaker Shin Hyuk, who was behind major SM tunes like EXO’s “Growl,” SHINee’s “Dream Girl,” f(x)’s “Pretty Girl,” and SNSD’s dreamy “Romantic St.” Even if you didn’t know the production details, it only takes one spin to see that “Cupid” has the SM signature of being simultaneously commercial, trendy, and completely avant-garde all at once. It was probably even pitched to Red Velvet and SNSD at one point.

“Cupid” feels like it was specifically created to mirror the dizzying euphoria of adolescent love. Hyuk builds the song around marching band drums that always feel slightly off-kilter to whatever Oh My Girl are singing, rapping, or chanting at the time. The result is beautifully unstable–you never quite know if “Cupid” wants to sweep you up in its elation or devour you and implode.

The only time the song stops to smell the roses is on the hypnotic bridge; all the noise temporarily fades away and everything briefly turns into a cotton candy daze. Then the fat horns, drums, militant shouting, and cheerleader chorus return seemingly bigger and more determined to steal your heart than ever before.

“Cupid” sounds like SM’s girl groups at their absolute best. It destroys the Ice Cream Cake album and hits Pink Tape/I Got a Boy levels of pop genius. It makes me wonder how I got so swept up in all the other great rookie songs over the past six months when something as spectacular as this was just around the corner.

Once you go “Cupid,” you never go back!

  • It’s indeed great. I think nobody was really expecting anything from this group, but I’m happy to be surprised. The MV is trash though. A more simpler thing like Gfriends MV or Lovelyz but with poppier colours could have done wonders with this awesome track.

  • KingBeaArthur

    That B1A4 shade though…

    Of course the guy behind “Dream Girl” was behind this! The lift I received was so similar to that song.

    I love the song and the group, but I kind of wish they’d gone for a hybrid of SNSD’s “Oh” cheerleader concept with After School’s “Bang” marching band concept. The song had all the ingredients to support it. If you’re going to go there, THEN GO THERE!

    • snailsong

      ia, a marching band/cheerleader concept would have really helped set them apart from the fifty other groups sporting baggy jumpers and tutu skirts this year :/ i mean i love baggy jumpers and tutu skirts but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Quang Phạm

      He produced VIXX’s Voodoo Doll too.

      • ughhh both kim eana and this guy worked on voodoo doll no wonder it’s the greatest

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This is the song Red Velvet WISH they had recorded. It’s SOOOOO good!!!!!!!!! The girls are very cute too.

  • Completely floored upon first listen. This is sky scraping pop euphoria! Plus the bridge reminds me of my favorite bit from Primary’s Gondry. One thing I do appreciate about the group is that they all look 13, so it is one of the rare times that the aegyo really works for me. Although, I do wish the video was as good as the song.

  • JammySmoochie

    You better preach the gospel! And to think I thought that girl groups singles could not get any better, then Oh My Girl came swinging with this GEM. I was even ready to hand CLC the rookie of the year award… guess that’s not happening anymore.

    And the B-side “Hot Summer Nights” is also rather gorgeous.

    Side-eyeing you for shitting on B1A4 tho. :P

  • I admit that I have hit nugu girl group fatigue. I broke my self imposed ban for CLC and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t even going to check for Oh My Girl because I don’t listen to B1A4. But you convinced me after the Ice Cream Cake reference. The drums on this track gave me AS Bang feels (::weeps for Bekah::) and I’m not mad at it, I’ll add them to my ever growing pile of new music.

  • Quang Phạm

    2015 keeps on slaying me.
    The girls’ facial expressions are still a bit dull though, but they get points for not trying to be over cute.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    my poor scalped has been snatched of its hair follicles yet again…

    first EXID’s Up & Down (The Newsroom Edition), then Dalegend Godbet’s Joker (aka Big Dick according to KBS’ censorship standards) now this. 2015 is definitely not letting up on the musical masterpieces. *wipes tears of joy*

    this gem is basically a cocktail of AfterSchool’s Bang sexed up marching band music, vocals from SNSD’s earlier music, Red Velvet’s cheerleader chanting and G-Spot’s weird visuals.

  • T-rollypoly

    I think this is one of those moments where I would have to disagree with you Jacques and the other cool people here. I didn’t see anything special with these girls. They are cute but I didn’t see charisma, great dancing nor singing with this debut. Although I must admit that probably one of the reason is that I don’t really fuck with any SM style music except the flawless f(x). A different producer next time would probably change my mind. I feel like the influx of the same concept gg lately is not doing any good for the game. Just my $0.02.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      different strokes for different folks hunn, we totally understand…

      tho i am hoping you pull off a Jacques and see the light of this music just like how he originally trashed KweenBow Blaxx’s Cha Cha.

      • T-rollypoly

        Haha! actually I was one of those people who were fucking disappointed when Jacques disrespected RB’s iconic Cha Cha in the first write up. All was forgiven when he gave it a chance though and eventually stan. I will do the same with this girls and see if I can learn to love them.

        • hahaha i was here too i remember our disappointment. and i was here as well when he finally bit the elbow about it.

          this time i somewhat agree with him about the song being gorgeous, i think it’s pretty exciting for a group that is labelled the girl b1a4 [boooring]… but not the best girl rookie song.

          actually i’ve been noticing a lot of changes from his mind lately: every week’s new release is a THE BEST OF THE YEAR post….

          i’m starting to worry our dear beloved jacques is pulling a pitchfork… or maybe… have you find a good hunk and are in love dear jacques? heheheh

          [*joking puh-lease*]

          • T-rollypoly

            Hahaha! I was thinking the same that maybe he’s in love because he has been really nice to almost everyone lately.

          • hahahaha i know right!

          • I haven’t been so much as kissed in decades let alone fallen in love! If anything I’m an emotionless shell! It’s just that there’s been so much AMAZING kpop this year everything is slaying, and I really enjoy kpop so I’m positive about it unlike other kpop sites which are more about drama and netizens and negativity.

            Cupid and 1PUNCH are two best rookie debuts of the year. PEPE is second.

            How do I @ that slut Lucas into this? Do it for me so he gets this message too lmao

          • T-rollypoly


            Anyway, I agree! every single one is just amazing. If I’m gonna have to pick, I would still go with G-friend though. After a few listen I am starting to enjoy Cupid a little bit especially the rap part, sounded like a baby Nicki Minaj to me.

  • Akie Akito

    I am sorry, honey. The best song of the year is Britney Spears’s Tom Diner. Kthanxbye.

  • jesus christ! everytime i listen to this song i am more in love with it. your comments about the production are exactly what i thought of it from first listen and to know this was the same guy who gave us “romantic st.”!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    LAME CONFESSIONS THAT I'LL PROBABLY REGRET LATER: i have a line from that song tattooed KAKAKAKAK not exactly because of snsd stanship, but because i'm dumbass romantic


    anyways… i'm enamoured with the rapper and the yoona look alike [the very first one to sing]. and one thing i'm sure, this is way better than "glass bead", but i have a complaint which's the same as yours: what the fuck with the school girl crap this year! it's like they're all the fucking same group! plus, oh my girl's outfit on show champion… ick disgusting! what were they thinking with those tutus? cheaper than g-friend's "white" outfit on inkigayo


    • Nicole Naeun

      Bitch that berret hat is the most iconic game-changing gimmick of the year! #THATGFRIENDREIGNJUSTWONTLETUP

  • The wig was blown off of my head faster than you can say “your faves” when I first heard this.

  • roelm

    Pleasantly surprised by the song. I like the horns and the chorus vocals; they sing together well. I like the element of euphoria as you term it. Too many k-pop songs are too restrained when they should be doing something like this.

  • Sunny

    not bad. the video is perfect and i think the girl with the mushroom hair is adorable! I think they’ll get popular eventually thanks to their fishy “fake your success” company.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Here’s the reasons why I stan this group and the song:
    – Song is fucking amazing, obvi. Fucking catchy, obvi. And loving the Hollaback Girl reference, that song is the gift that keeps on giving
    – Love the concept, no matter how many times it’s been tried on by other groups, I just fucking love these cutesy schoolgirl concepts
    – Love the big number of member, and that some are really pretty, some are weirdly pretty, some are okay, and some are fugly but talented. They have everything!
    – Oh My Girl is most def the best girl group name since Girls’ Generation!!

    Def the 2nd best debut song this year since GFRIEND.
    And SMH @ u saying this is better than I Got A Boy. While a good song, Cupid is not as game-changing and experimental as IGAB. And it’s all thanks to IGAB that these type of songs are more acceptable by society. IGAB opened that gate!

  • ta3woon

    song of the goddamn year! amazing

  • Ricardo

    Better than Gain’s Paradise Lost? You must be joking.

    • Apple is better than Paradise Lost

      • Ricardo

        I don’t think so.

        But, even so, it doesn’t make ‘Cupid’ a better song than those two.

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