These days they say that STELLAR is the top for sexy beauty, but isn’t it still Nine Muses?

nine muses star 01

Their visual points are their long legs and glamorous figures…

nine muses the star 05

Even while wearing sneakers their legs look long… they’re jjang

nine muses the star 02

They have a chic image, but they can be friendly too

nine muses the star 07

This concept looked cute on Red Velvet, but Nine Muses made it feel sexy…

nine muses the star 03

They’re the kind of unnies that make you want to drink so you can be cool like them…

nine muses arena 01

They say new member Keumjo lacks visuals, but with makeup and photoshop she almost looks like Sera… she’s uniquely pretty

nine muses arena 03

Kyungri is popular among females… she’s the type with an aura you can’t help but envy…

nine muses arena 06

Men like Mina… she’s innocently pretty but can also show off a charismatic side…

nine muses arena 02

Hyuna is the oldest… an 87’r with luxurious charms… what’s her secret?!

nine muses arena 05

Euaerin whose s-line is visible even through a loose shirt… wow

nine muses arena 04

Nine Muses are known as military-dols… soldiers get a menboong when they see them ㅋㅋㅋ

nine muses the star 08

Nine Muses ILY!