Miss A's Frothy 'Colors' Comeback Returns Group To Former Glory
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Miss A never came close to actually flopping in the five years that they’ve been active, but there’s no doubt that their position in the Korean girl group hierarchy started sliding as the group continued to take a back seat to Suzy’s explosive solo career.

The foursome’s future looked a little uncertain up until this past week when they staged an enormous comeback (a real one, not a K-pop comeback) with the release of their 3rd mini-album, Colors.

Lead single, “Only You,” shot straight to the top of Korea’s digital charts immediately after its release on Monday. despite strong competition from EXO’s “Call Me Baby” and Unpretty Rapstar cast singles. It remained there for almost a week with multiple Melon ‘roof hits’ and has already achieved the first ‘perfect all-kill’ of the year–a feat usually only achieved by Korea’s biggest digital artists, like IU and SISTAR. The song’s MV also impressively racked up over 4 million views in four days.

It’s hard to say how much of this explosive success is down to Suzy banging hallyu icon Lee Min Ho in a hotel room and how much is from miss A’s actual popularity, but there’s no question that Colors deserves to dominate.

The effervescent “Only You” has dethroned Shannon’s “Why Why” as the adorable feel-good single of the year. It’s one of the few miss A title tracks not to be produced by the generally great J.Y. Park, and it was a risk that paid off: Rising hitmaker Black Eyed Pilseung (SISTAR’s “Touch My Body,” Niel’s “Lovekiller”) whips up a sweet beat of synth-pop and frothy trap that sounds tailor-made for miss A. The group’s music has never been anything close to bland or generic despite generally showing far more restraint than most of K-pop’s more ostentatious productions, and “Only You” captures that essence perfectly.

The music video is divine. The majority of the clip is a homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window, and just like the classic thriller it’s bursting with an eye-popping visual flair. The plot confuses me a bit though, as miss A ditch the Rear Window concept in the third act and opt to hit a club instead.


I’ve tried to decipher a meaning out of this from the lyrics, which detail a one-sided infatuation from miss A’s end, but I couldn’t come up with anything profound or interesting enough to repeat here.

As for the rest of Colors, fans are calling “Love Song” the “Lips” of this era, but I don’t completely agree. “Love Song” –which may be the first song to be classified as ‘crunk classical’– is kind of genius for melding oriental strings with hip-hop and pop, but “Only You” is still the perfect lead single. Plus, I’m personally more enamoured with the woozy “Melting,” which has waves of bass peppered with DJ Mustard synths and breathless whispers.

Colors is the umpteenth amazing girl group comeback we’ve been fortunate enough to be receive in a year where almost everything that’s been released has been flawless. Although, this one feels a little more special than the rest considering miss A’s history and standing in the K-pop business. It’s nice to know that they still have some juice left in the tank after all this time!

Welcome back.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I was SO afraid what was going to happen to miss A after all this time without releasing stuff. But I guess people still care for them which is good. If not for KWEEN OF THE UNIVERSE SUZY – my main bias in life – then for the iconic new single.
    The song is a grower in all senses and it feels really mature and cool. It’s a deserved win for them! I can’t help but imagine if all those feud rumors between them are true tho…

  • talinekae

    A damn good year in kpop, I’ll say that much. EVERYONE has been delivering. Even the debuts have been great.

  • Nicole Naeun

    It’s a good song, catchy, but nothing mindblowing tbh. I like it for its catchy chorus, but what K-Pop song isn’t tbh?

    Btw I need to express my disappointment with their comeback stage. You can clearly see that most of them (if not all of them) are not passionate anymore with this group. Their stage lacked of energy and excitement. And what’s up with the lazy-ass dance? Aren’t Miss A supposed to be acrobatic group where they always pulled off crazy dance move while singing live like in the first 3 era? *Sigh*

    • Maybe Only You will grow on you, it’s so cute and refreshing. Def one of my faves of miss A ever. But I know what you mean about choreo and stages. Not that it bothers me but you’re right, and it’s true that miss A is like a business arrangement now lol.

      • Nicole Naeun

        They were still all excited and passionate during Hush, and their choreo was daebak. But then those discord rumours were everywhere and I guess assuming from this release, you can say that those rumours are true.

        Side note: did Min get her bloated face bleached? Lmao. Is she trying to outpretty Suzy lmao? She a fool!

    • Dilia

      I heard at least Suzy (and one of the other members, not sure who) got injured for this comeback, so maybe that’s part of it.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I can’t believe you don’t like “I Caught Ya” _-

    I’m in the middle with “Only You”. It’s nice to see them branch out, but it feels like it’s lacking something I can’t put my finger on. A rap from Jia, maybe? “Love Song” is my fave, but COLORS is so strong overall. I’m beyond happy with it.

    MV wise: Fei was a knockout!

    • Ooh, I’m OBSESSED with Only You! It’s my second favorite miss A single after Goodbye Baby now. It’s so cute and fun and everything, but I can see how some people will prefer Love Song.

      • KingBeaArthur

        I like “Touch” more tbh. “Only You” fits the season but a rap would’ve taken it over the top! Kind of like 15& and “Somebody”.

        • i agree… i think that “touch” has a sense of gloomy that is very appealing to me, it sounds like “please fuck me i’m in tears of love horny desperation”. it’s EPIC!

          but i like “only you” as well for its normalcy. it’s not at all an average track with its glossy production, quick beats, cute maturity and best of all it’s catchy and it makes you happy! “love beat” however is similar to “touch” but it’s faster paced and it’s amazing. it’s like “fuck son of a bitch make me cum while slap your face”.

          uhg… i guess i woke up with way too many sexual metaphors u_u

    • Db

      I Caught Ya is great! I don’t get why he doesn’t like it. It has cowbell for crying out loud!!!

      Personally, Touch is my least favourite song of theirs. It’s boring, especially when you consider the amazing tracks that were on the mini that should have been lead single instead.

  • AridniLi

    One Step is the real shit, Love Song is awesome too. Did you see I Caught Ya lyrics and how it talks about a ridic cheater guy, it’s awesome lol solid comeback, happy queens are slaying everybody’s ass.

  • What if Miss A gets f(x)’d? http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/pann-suzy-looking-out-of-place-with.html


    Melting is indeed A JAM.

  • disqus_vyaV4PPB4j

    This isn’t their first single not produced by JYP, he didn’t do Hush. But, either way I think I’m liking this one more than Hush anyway!

  • HavokWWE

    Only You is a grower song.

    It won’t hit you automatically, but it’s really good. That’s because they let Min & Suzy lead with vocals as opposed to having Fei lead or giving Jia too many parts.

    Their mini album is flawless. Love Song and Melting are perfection and should be like follow up tracks.

  • JammySmoochie

    At least one of my favorite blogs is openly supporting Only You. I was scared you’re also gonna not like it. *sigh of relief*

    I’m in love with Only You and the whole Colors mini album. It’s their best album since Touch. I also like the fact that all of us can’t agree on which Colors track is the best. It just means every song slays. Personally I will rank Only You as the best of the bunch with One Step as a close second.

    God I hope they snatch a music program trophy from EXO. They super deserve it.

  • t-errorist

    Not a fan of the single (HUSH >>>>>>) but I’m glad to see that Min became slightly pretty!

  • “Only You” has definitely grown on me; I am now bopping to it all day long. Why it took me a bit is that Miss A always have fierce singles. I was not ready for this refreshingly pretty girlfriend concept (like Got7’s A). However, I think it will cement them as a dependably great girl group, which everyone including me forgets. I hope Miss A pull a Sistar, and comeback in the summer with another sexy bubbly ditty.

    Also, they seem to be finally enjoying themselves in this performance. Seriously, what happened to the Miss A gusto and slayage?

    • what’s the point in making a hell of an effort for live singing with such complicated choreographies if MBC is gonna erase your vocals wit hdamn loud back track anyway u_u

      • Ha! This is true. But as other people have noted, there is a lack of “oomph” that we generally see with MissA.

        • well, call me pollyana but i tend to tap myself to the positive side of things.

          “only you” and it’s visual performance isn’t outstanding and times outlandishly gorgeous like previous miss a, but instead of wishing a past to comeback like a boring madonna fan hoping for the return of like a prayer era, i’m more into embracing the new.

          this might not be “hush” or “goodbye baby” but it has it’s great sides… one thing i’m loving is how suzy looks gorgeous and finally present on this comeback, she’s not my favorite member (jia is for that matter) but she’s glowing!

          • HA! Fine, I will succumb to the optimism, and embrace how great everyone looks. Suzy is really outstanding this comeback. I know she started putting in work with Hush, but she is shining during these promotions. Maybe that’s it. When Suzy starts to have a presence on stage, other people start to fade to the back.

  • nique

    Only you is definitely a grower, the first thing i listened to it i was like “meh” but now i can’t get enough. Didn’t expect this sweet song, though.