I’ve enjoyed MAMAMOO‘s music since their funky pre-debut single, “Peppermint Chocolate,” but I just can’t stan for them no matter how good their music is or how talented they are.

I had no intention of posting their new single, “AAH OOP!,” but then I heard the bluesy guitars on the intro and the wig was BLOWN from my head with more force than a rice cake being stuffed into Hwayoung’s mouth.

Despite wishing they’d taken the blues and rock influences further than just a few riffs here and there (Deep Purple-dols tbh), “AAH OOP!” is still the best produced MAMAMOO single to date.

Also, the lyrics: 80% of Korean girl group songs these days are about desperately dressing up in sexy clothes and putting on makeup in the hope that men will ogle you. MAMAMOO turn the tables, demanding from the first line of the song that the man in question looks their way–but he better not touch! (Stripper rules, yo.) They then suggest some conversation if things are to go any further.