Lim Kim Teams Up With Primary Again For New Single 'Awoo'
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Lim Kim has had an interesting career for a commercial K-indie singer.

Her breakout single, the inky, electronic tinged “All Right,” was a breath of fresh air from an artist that I expected would stick to the safe, coffee shop pop that defines the bulk of the k-indie genre. She later conceded and served up that very sound on the lovely “Rain,” but stopped herself from being pigeon-holed by also releasing pop-rock records and some light dance-pop.

She recently branched out even further by featuring on Primary and Oh Hyuk’s excellent Lucky You! EP, and now she’s back with Primary once again for her latest single, “Awoo.”

It’s Kim’s most experimental single so far, although it doesn’t sound like the Lucky You! EP which I expected it would. Whereas Lucky You! saw K-indie instrumentation through a kaleidoscope of trip-hop and acid jazz, “Awoo” is straight up electronica influenced by the recent laidback singles from Major Lazer and DJ Snake. It could almost pass for a turn up record when it hits the squiggly chorus, but then the temperature drops back to a cool chill on the verses.

“Awoo” is just one cut from a five-track mini-album, and I suspect that the Beenzino-assisted (and likely more commercial) “Wind” will serve as the ‘official’ single from the set, but I appreciate Kim’s efforts not to be boxed and neutered like so many other K-indie artists are. If she dives deeper into this sound, we could even see the birth of the Korean Kimbra.

On another note, bravo on the new blonde hair. It’s divine!