America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift may be untouchable back home in the States where the fat white folk live on their farms and work at K-Mart, but they don’t play that shit over in Japan, home of Godzilla, the Yakuza, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Powerhouse vocalist Pamyu took to Twitter a few days ago to mercilessly drag Taylame for her terrible singing with an attack so utterly vicious that it required an angry emoji to express the rage that real words could not.

kyary taylor swift

Arcadey has done some investigative reporting and discovered that the disturbed songstress, who has previously confessed to having a “dark side” and an unhealthy obsession with blood, may not be acting alone in her efforts to murder Taylame’s career.

Pamyu is a well known friend –partner in crime, if you will– of famous American singer Katy Perry.

Exhibit A)

kyary katy gif 02

Exhibit B)

kyary katy gif 01

Katy also has a well-documented feud with Taylame, which reportedly started over jealousy between the two pop tarts because they both share the same stupid fat white fans and were worried that the other was stealing their fanbase.

Their corny beef peaked last year when Taylame wrote a shitty song about Katy and Katy retaliated by calling her a bitch dressed as a sheep or something.

Exhibit C)

katy mean girl

Now it appears that Katy has reignited the beef by getting her kawaii friend in Japan to do her dirty work for her.

However, Taylame isn’t taking the attack lying down, and is already preparing to clap back with a scathing diss track on her upcoming 198Whine re-release, ” Oriental Devil”–and Arcadey has an exclusive preview of the lyrics!

[Verse 1]

Nice to meet you
I’m the girl with dreams and a guitar
Pen, paper, friends
That’s all I need, yeah
But you came like the rain
A dark cloud in the land of the rising sun
You and that mean girl
Gonna leave me with a nasty scar


Oriental devil, devil, devil
You’re not on my level, level, level
You’re worse than Hiroshima with your cruel tales
All I wanna do is save the whales
It’s like the days of our lives
But your bullying just gives me hives
So stop being mean wahh wahh wahh

At this point, all we can do is hope and pray that this feud doesn’t continue to spiral further out of control or else we could have another Biggie and Tupac situation on our hands.

Now let’s end on a more positive note with a performance from Asia’s top vocalist, Kyary Houston Dion.