After the revamped KARA make their official comeback next month, member Goo Hara will follow up with a solo album in July.

Yes, you heard me: the one and only living doll, visual wall, serial dater, Queen of Rock, and all round personification of complete perfection ~Hara~ is going SOLO.

That’ll teach derp face Youngji to think she’s the star of KARA just because a few GOT7 stans watched her on a flop variety show!

hara gif

Anyway, Harangel confirmed the good news in a recent interview and pictorial with BNT. She said that her new music will be “trendy” (whatever that means), but failed to dish out any other details.

She also announced that she’s ready to conquer the literary field by becoming a best-selling author with her own nail art photobook due out in May.

Hara is the absolute pinnacle when it comes to K-pop’s untalented girl group visuals (she makes Yoona, Sohee, Sulli, and Naeun look like BEG by comparison), and those idols often make great pop stars. When you can’t sing to save your life, you really need to slay with the song and concept–just look at Sunmi and HyunA.

Plus, Hara’s done two solos before, and they were both fucking iconic.

So, we’ve got KARA’s comeback in May, Nicole’s Japanese debut in June, and Hara’s Korean solo in July.


You can check out Hara’s full BNT International pictorial by clicking here.