J.Y. Park Releases The Most Embarrassing Single Of The Year: 'Who's Your Mama?'
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I consider myself a bit of a JYP stan because I love the agency’s current roster (GOT7, miss A, 2PM, etc) and their former superstars (Park Ji Yoon, Rain, Wonder Girls), and I also believe Mr. J.Y. Park himself to be one of K-pop’s greatest producers and superstars.

With that said, Park also happens to be a bit of an attention whore who refuses to give up his solo career despite being the CEO and primary music maker for JYP Entertainment.

This is fine when he’s putting out solid stuff like 2012’s Spring mini-album featuring Goddess Ga-In, but it’s a hot ass mess when it involves starring in shit movies like A Millionaire On The Run or releasing singles like his new abomination, the trashy “Who’s Your Mama?”

“Who’s Your Mama?” is Park’s attempt to jump on the big booty bandwagon that was popular in America LAST YEAR, so there’s a bunch of awful lyrics about thick girls with slim waists and fat backs and a chorus that just repeats the lame phrase “Shake that booty” over and over.

Since when the fuck have Asian women had trouble finding pants that fit because their booties are too big? A Korean woman would have to be as fat as Gabourey Sidibe or physically misshapen from some kind of birth defect caused by her mama drinking too much soju during pregnancy for that to happen.

By the way, if I was some Jezebel dyke I’d scream BODY SHAMING at the top of my lungs, but I’m not so I won’t.

I’m also no ageist (I’m appalled by how the media has been treating Madonna’s flaw-free Rebel Heart era!), but watching Park (who looks ten years older than the 43 listed on his Wikipedia page) slobber over young fitness models in the song’s shitty MV is just as gross as it is cheesy.

While watching it, all I could think of was that episode of Freaks and Geeks where Lindsay throws a house party and that crazy old dude gatecrashes it.

Go to the 26:30 mark to see what I’m talking about.

Also, how the hell are you gonna have an MV about hot bodies without trending fitness queen ~*~Yoo Seung Ok~*~? Even Niel got her in his video!

As much as I’ve ragged on this garbage, I must (unfortunately) give credit where credit is due. If you removed the music video and the lyrics, Park’s production isn’t that bad. (That’s as much praise as I can give it.)

There’s also a fun rap break from flavour-of-the-moment Jessi, which makes you think that it MIGHT be an OKAY song if J.Y. Park hadn’t ruined it with all the singing and the visuals.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that half the non-Koreans liking “Who’s Your Mama?” are either Unpretty Rapstar stans or JYP Entertainment stans. There’s no way that anybody without some kind of bias could legitimately like this song.

The fact that it’s No. 1 on all the digital charts right now instead of EXID or the newly-dethroned miss A is fucking sad.

On the bright side, at least JYP is finally #winning again. I just hope that next time it’s with 2PM, GOT7, or Sunmi instead of this shit.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous, and coupled with JY’s sojourn into official creepy uncledom, I found myself on the edge of vomiting.

    BUT I didn’t hate the production either, and Jessi really was the only reason to listen to the song at all (personal opinions of her aside: she can flow).

  • T-rollypoly

    Confidence is key and this guy has too much. He’s currently killing the charts but I think EXID can catch up cause they’re #3 right now. hehe!

  • International Cockroach

    This is still not as bad as shake that brass

  • haha “A Korean woman would have to be as fat as Gabourey Sidibe or physically misshapen from some kind of birth defect caused by her mama drinking too much soju during pregnancy for that to happen.”

    this was disgusting! but i’m giggling :P

    i thought the exact same about it. i liked the song at first hear but the whole mv and concept is so ridiculous it’s not even comic relief like “gangnam style”. and it’s terrible that after the gorgeous “halftime” mini-album from two years ago he comes up with this cringe worthy THIS.

    as for jessi, shitty as usual.

  • Db

    “On the bright side, at least JYP is finally #winning again.”
    JYP is the Charlie Sheen of Korea now!

    This song is shit and as usual, the Korean public are eating it up. On the odd occasion they’ll get it right (Up&Down anyone?), but 98% of the time they get it wrong as in this instance.

  • Totally kosher to breath down a girls neck and ask for her measurements. Also not creepy? Cast yourself as the moon in Got7’s drama, & lurk on the members. And speaking of his hot young idols, any of the plethora of boys could had this as a solo or album filler.

    That said, I watched it one too many times in a state of confusion/repulsion, that I like it now. It’s like a sexed up Koons painting. It’s bad meaning good, ya know?

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    omg this is atrocious

  • BadB*tch

    GOD I hate this f ucking song. Next time I go to the gym I hope some sexy Korean daddy asks me my hip size…

  • culchan

    He’s a victim of bad timing: the big butt musical wave has clearly peaked with “Milk Milk Lemonade”. It’s all downhill from here. That said, this concept probably isn’t too remote from what life is actually like for Mr. Park as he strolls the halls of his company.

  • oneclearnight

    Watching this made me want to vomit… the only highlight was Jessi and the backup dancer with JYP (poor girl) who is amazing and was a backup dancer for TVXQ’s flawless Spellbound era.

  • James Smith III

    Just a question…does anyone remember that “leaked” plan for JYP ENT. Where is the Sunmi full album at?

  • Nicole Naeun


    Bet if the Wonder Girls sing it, you’d be all over it! (The song has a modernized Like This-style WG feel to it lol)

    • No I wouldn’t, the only way WG would release this is for one of their American songs. Plus, the song wouldn’t be as bad sung by somebody young and sexy instead of JYP who looks creepy and sleazy

  • Ella

    My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.