Girls' Generation Makes a Sugar Free Comeback With 'Catch Me If You Can'
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Almost seven months since Jessica left Girls’ Generation to squander all the money she made with the Divine Nine on a soon-to-be defunct fashion brand, Asia’s biggest girl group has finally returned with their first P.S. (Post Sica) single, “Catch Me If You Can.”

It’s a Japan-only single, but for the first time ever both a Korean version and a Japanese version have been simultaneously released online.

Since SNSD’s J-pop music is the group’s secondary career with less expectations of greatness than their K-pop stuff, it’s clear that CMIYC is meant to serve as a bridging single before their next Korean comeback to get people used to seeing the girls as eight and with a sexier, more womanly image.

The song, a generic but not totally unexciting slice of electro-pop, solely exists to facilitate that.

It’s sugar free EDM, providing The Amazing Eight with enough hard-hitting club beats to whip their hair to. It won’t blow your mind, but it might get you running a little bit harder on the treadmill.

(By the way, it’s nice to actually be able to see the choreography this time–I’m looking at you, “Mr.Mr!”)

SNSD’s J-pop singles are rarely ever flawless smashes despite their consistently strong performance on the Oricon charts (they save the best stuff for b-sides and album filler), so it’s unrealistic to expect too much from CMIYC. It’s true purpose is pretty obvious, and I’d say in that regard the single is a success.

Now let’s talk about how pretty SNSD all looked OMG!

Goddess Yoona suits these dance concepts so much, Hyoyeon continues to blossom with each comeback, and Taeyeon’s luxurious hair is daebak (someone’s been using Mane ‘n Tale!).

Also, Tiffany is living now that BLANK & ECLAM creative director Jessica Jung is no more. She was like “Yass, more English lines for me!” and she got so into the choreography at the 3:15 mark that she started seductively biting her lower lip just like the lead character from her favourite movie, Fifty Shades of Grey!

I pray that SNSD’s next comeback is a sexy concept. Fifty Shades of Tiffany needs to happen.

tiffany catch me if you can

  • KingBeaArthur

    The song is serviceable as a placeholder/JPN release. Yoona looked gorgeous (I never pay attention to her, so for her to stand out was huge), Hyoyeon was shining, and Tae’s hair was on point! But could poor Yuri fade into the background any more than she did??

    Is it too late to recast Rita Ora’s character with Tiffany for the sequels?

  • Johnnyyy

    So much Hyoyeon ): I’m utterly slayed ):

  • screaminpka

    yass to soonayulhyo domination! o/ #CatchGG

  • parsley

    looks like girls’ generation are slowly on their way to dethroning queen 9muses as the nation’s Premier 8-Girl Idol Group. loving the new line distribution btw. is the cgi helicopter a tribute to jessica? loves it.

    speaking of jessica, can we talk about how they basically read her to filth on the b-side?

    • Marhaebwa

      Yeah, everyone is talking about “tribute for Jess”, but i’m pretty sure they’re dragging her – “Never look back, girls” – as in “forget this bitch, and let’s move on”…right?

  • JammySmoochie

    Solid 3.5 for me… but only because the choreography is everything I wish Mr. Mr. was. Still missing Sica’s annoying but iconic voice tbh.

    • Yeah, they’ve definitely lost their most unique sounding vocalist there.

      • James Smith III

        I think hyo voice is actually the most unique, listen to her on “as time goes by” cover

  • KyrV715

    As you said this song is like a bridge for their korean comeback and their image without Jessica. They emphasize at the members who sung less in their previous releases and the dancing. We’ve never seen Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona and Sooyoung get to sing more parts (and the main ones) than Taeyeyon and Seohyun, while Taeyeon becomes the flipping ponytail Queen and Tiffany being the sexy Queen. They also all looked flaweless by the way.

    The is song is not groundbreaking but it’s good. I think like almost all their Japanese releases it’slike you like it at first but you’re a bit confused.Then after a few spins you can’t stop listening to it.

    I also found their b-side ‘Girls’ susch a beautiful ballad! Really beautiful vocals. Can’t wait for the Korean comeback next month!!!!

  • James Smith III

    even if it is “generic”, western girl groups could only wish to release a video this good; the camera angels and chores are great

    • Db

      Your comment is made 100X better by what I assume are auto-correct mistakes.

      • James Smith III

        yes i meant choreo lol

    • How I wish there were girl groups in the states that could even touch them…

      • James Smith III

        right! I cannot think of a group at the moment that can actually like slay dancing.

  • Pez

    Yeah, this is no sugar free.
    Also, dem ciara work flashbacks.

    • Haha I know, when the MV teaser came out I tweeted that it was like Work.

      Btw, Work is still like the most underrated Ciara single.

      • Marshmellow

        This outfit from “work” is seriously iconic as was the song which she got to perform like once.

  • Marhaebwa

    All I have to say, as much as the song is generic EDM – like the most basic of basic, EVERY voice was valued equally (Taeyeon about to sing a fire line, then Sooyoung finishing it up – SINCE WHEN???). Also love how it was Baby Hyoz, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona ft. other.

  • Marhaebwa

    Also, Also, Tiffany is living now that BLANK & ECLAM creative director Jessica Jung is no more. She was like “Yass, more English lines for me!” ?

    Somebody going to hell for this…


  • I AM DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! of course the song sucks, but THE VIDEO, THE DANCE, THE LINE DISTRIBUTION!!!! i’m crying!

    it’s amazing they and SM really made an effort to make us forget jessica. now all we need is an amazing song.

  • Db

    I liked it. It’s not on the same EDM level as Sugar Free, but nothing will ever be. I’d say it’s more of a Calvin Harris style track than pure EDM.

    The video was simple, yet so well executed that it didn’t matter that all it was was the group dancing. Had the choreography been any less interesting, the MV would have been boring and I wouldn’t have made it through to the end. Sometimes all you need is something simple to make a bold statement.

    Good job girls!

    Now my dilemma is whether to get the Japanese or Korean version.

  • vjx89

    I’m slayed by the song, the mv and the choreography. It reminded me more of Red Light than sugar Free, but both songs r flawless so i think the comparison’s a compliment.

  • Riley Biers

    I don’t think they could have pulled off this choreo if Jessica was still in it. Bitch could barely tilt her head left-right during IGAB. I can’t believe Hyoyeon got the 2nd opening line tho, that’s a record for her.

    • lol

      jessica is a better dancer than tiffany . she just became lazy as fuck

    • Tristan Angelo Nolasco

      Jessica does a lot of dance events with Hyoyeon Sooyoung Yoona and Sunny

  • All I want is for them to work a similar dance and look this good, or better, for their korean comeback.

  • Abigail Leon

    The dance! This is one of my favorites along with ‘Into the New World’, ‘I Got a Boy’ and ‘The Boys’.

  • ***Lotus

    Like Britney bringing me to Pop — Girls Gen is the only thing bringing me to K or J pop. (Well also & 2NE1, esp the rapper chick!!)

    So happy they are back! This song is HOT! Not as PERFECT as “I Got A Boy” But damn this is close, “Mr Mr” was amazing also.

    “I’m going to find my heeearrtt” lyric with that “We Found Love” laser breakdown is the SHIT.

    WHY can’t we get this single in ENGLISH and released over here? I’m confused to as why these J and K pop stars don’t get promo in USA when they are clearly superior dancers, really gorgeous and have great tracks!