f(x)‘s two remaining visuals, Krystal and Victoria, have both separately confirmed that the group is currently in the middle of preparing a new album.

Queen Victoria revealed the news in China where she was busy making millions filming another drama, while Krystal spilled the tea during a fansign event for a brand of circle lenses she’s endorsing.

f(x) makes one comeback a year, so it looks like they’re sticking to their usual schedule despite last year’s iconic Sulli-gate.

Speaking of Sulli, I don’t care if she’s part of this new album or not. She’s my f(x) bias and a flawless rebellious divine goddess who spends her days riding Choiza’s choiza and blessing us lessers with the occasional pictorial when she can be bothered, but her participation seriously makes no difference to f(x). Let’s not forget back in 2010 when Amber vanished for like a year right in the middle of the Nu ABO promotions due to an ‘ankle injury’ (yeah right) and f(x) still slayed without her.

f(x) is fine as f(4), and Sulli’s the most expendable member since she’s just a visual and f(x) still has two of those left.

I actually hope she doesn’t come back. I like the idea of SM having their four-member veteran girl group while JYP has miss A and YG has 2NE1.

Sulli can just live off the power of her face like Kim Tae-hee has her whole life. Goddess.