EXID released their AMAZING Ah Yeah mini-album teaser yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’d tacked “Every Night” on to the end of it. 

I still consider “Every Night” to be EXID’s best song (I know many K-pop fans agree with me), so I’m glad to see it being recycled again. I mean, it’s been out since 2012, and I still listen to it fairly regularly.

Anyway, this is now the third time that “Every Night” has been released.

The first was as part of EXID’s excellent Hippity Hop mini-album, where it appeared in its original, bouncy synth-pop form with its original title, “Phone Call.”

It was then remixed, renamed to “Every Night,” and officially released as a digital single with a ridiculously good music video.

Although it became a minor hit and became well known and much loved among most K-pop stans, it still feels like a waste that it wasn’t even bigger and that EXID’s sexy gas mask concept didn’t reach iconic status.

Not that this will ever happen, but how great would it be if the inclusion of “Every Night” on the Ah Yeah album (which is 100% going to hit daebak) made it race back up the charts like “Up & Down” did? Another sleeper smash for the Queens!

God, if you exist, please make that happen. PLEASE.

I’m gonna need EXID to make “Every Night” part of their double comeback stages. Ah Yeah sounds like it has some life changing b-sides that deserve to be performed, but I’m team #JusticeForEveryNight!

  • James Smith III

    I would love for them to release a version of “Every Night” on every ep/album, since it is my favorite jam by them; eventually when they have their own concert they would be able to perform like a megamix of one song and be ICONIC

    • James Smith III

      ALSO, has anyone else noticed how LE stays getting those writing credits! Girl will be getting paid for many years.

      • well, she writes for EXID since hipity hop, “every night”‘s lyrics btw are totally hers <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 she's my bias lol

      • Dilia

        Not to mention that production/composition credits!! She’s credited first for Without U here too, and did part of all the others songs on the album.

    • Db

      I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to it. Every Night should be Everywhere!

    • Tristan Angelo Nolasco

      Actually all of them work together in writing the song.. It’s just LE who takes the most credit because she writes the chorus and her own lines.. The others also write their own lines

  • Marhaebwa


  • also my surprise! and it’d be a marvel to have this song conquering the charts again. i’m really excited for their new mini to be successful. these girls deserve the hype.

  • Db

    How could you not post this ICONIC performance of Every Night where Useless Maknae is wearing a veil to hide her bruised face after a “major surgery” at the dentist?!


    • OMFG @ that MASK

    • meowmel

      That mask aside the performance was great lol

    • Nicole Naeun


  • meowmel

    Ah yeah sounds like a bop and every night should reach number 1

  • LE getting that writer/composer money. Respect.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Holy shit I never heard the 1st ver of Every Night, IT’S SO GOOD! I mean, Every Night Ver 2 is still the best but EN V.1 has another charm that I also like (you know I stan this kind of indie pop production)!

    EXID is slowly climbing up my bias list, esp since their punk concept slays so much!

  • My first EXID song was “Every Night” and that was the song and video that made me into an EXID and Hani stan!

  • yosafbridge

    LE is basically the rapper version of IU and Taylor Swift.

  • yosafbridge

    On a related note, Hani, Ellin,Nicole,Kyungri,Hyejeong and Narsha appeared on MBC’s “Match Made in Heaven Returns”. After dancing awkwardly but adorably, Hani had to get lessons from Narsha on how to be sexy.