EXID Gets It Right With Awesome 'Up & Down' Sequel 'Ah Yeah'
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It's Still a Darn Up & Down Remix...
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I never really loved EXID‘s “Up & Down” as much as I loved some of their previous tunes, but I eventually conceded to the brilliance of the song after Hani fever swept the nation. I don’t know if my eventual “Up & Down” stanning was completely real or if I was just swept up in the excitement of EXID finally becoming relevant, but I do know one thing: I fell head over heels for their new single, “Ah Yeah,” from the first spin.

“Ah Yeah” is officially billed as the sequel to “Up & Down” (something AOA should’ve done with “Short Hair”), and just like any good second act, it takes everything that made the original good and turns it the fuck up.

“Up & Down” had a lot going on production wise, but “Ah Yeah” is bigger and brassier to the point that it feels like about four different songs in one. The whispered, bass-heavy intro screams Salt N Pepa’s “Push It,” while the retro rush on the chorus could be the opening theme to an ’80s action-adventure series like The A-Team.

The lyrics to “Up & Down” were about a confused dude who takes a girl on an emotional rollercoaster from all his mind games, so “Ah Yeah” flips the script this time and plays it as a role-reversal. Now EXID are the indecisive ones, and this plays out in the production: Hani’s the temptress that bats her eyes and coos her lyrics over soft swells of house synths, then LE interrupts and lays down the law with an aggressive rap over quaking military drums. The two go back and forth a couple of times on the verses, with their dramatically different roles further adding to the song’s convulsive style.

It’s so in-your-face and a bit everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, but in the exact way that a big exciting pop song should be.

Now, I wish I could offer the same insight on the music video, but I don’t really get it. Are they mocking Korea’s strict censorship laws by referencing how their own choreography was altered for broadcast? I don’t know, but I did notice how EXID’s vocal duo Hyerin and Sojli got prettier through their new hairstyles.

I only really pay attention to the important things–like visuals!

Anyway, if you scratch “Whoz That Girl” and the whole Dasoni debacle, this is EXID’s fourth consecutive flaw-free comeback. Oh, and just like Hippity Hop, their new mini-album is AMAZING. I think it might have just snatched the title of best album release from miss A, 4minute, Rainbow, Nine Muses, and all the other great girl group EPs we’ve got this year.

2015 is officially EXID’s year. Everyone else can fight it out for second place.

  • Marshmellow

    All i can say is… I just wish LE would just take everything one step further in the music video and like punch the guy in the face and push him through the wall with a killer kick from her high heels, instead of just kind of aggressively tugging on his tie…. I think i feel this way because i just watched Fast and Furious and im craving more action… :) (also this song is great to of course)

  • MolkangMolkang

    Didn’t get a lot of the people who didn’t like it because since the teaser I’ve just been so excited. The only thing I think put a damper on the song was Junghwa(?) whose part in this song makes me cringe but luckily doesn’t ruin the suspense completely. Every Night is a good example of how they had her sounding good. If they need help they should look to Queen Qri who despite her less than great singing usually has a good part to mask it as if it’s better– An example is in Lead the Way, they totally put Eunjung’s adlibs on her part for a reason or maybe that’s just a coincidence.

    • Quang Phạm

      What? I like Junghwa’s part. Which part are you talking about?

      • MolkangMolkang

        Just before the chorus. I’m just not feeling it even though I like her.

      • James Smith III

        The prechorus is my second fav part next to the legendary vocal runs during the breakdown.

  • Db

    It’s the only song I’ve been listening to since it came out. There’s something about it that makes it a lot more addictive than Up&Down. The chorus is an absolute killer!

  • HavokWWE

    Anyone notice how Hyerin just lost all that weight she had packed onto her for the Up&Down era? She’s back to her normal weight from when she debuted in I Feel Good.

  • Quang Phạm

    I’m slayed with this year’s comebacks, except for Dal Shabet.

    • dal shabet was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a let down indeed. but other tracks from the mini, like “obsessed” and “to.darling” are marvelous

      • byoing~byoing.

        I stan for Dal Shabet’s b-sides. Like T-ara’s, they’re always amazing. Also Joker is amazing to give head to. Bob your head in time with the horrible Engrish chorus and then work the head during the ‘Joker, Joker’ bit. Your man will cream, yes m’am!

  • uhhh i guess i’m not feeling as excited about it though. i like it but normal like… choreography doesn’t help me love it either so… i really like hani and LE’s verses interaction, i even like junghwa’s vocally layered pre-chorus, but the chorus is less than stellar especially because i feel solji and hyerin were underused, not because they don’t work their pipes, but because the chorus is so bland. it feels like it was aiming to immitate “up & downs” but it never quite delivers.

    i dunno… maybe i’m expecting too much.

    i really liked the mini, especially “thrilling” and “patpat”, cute fillers, but all in all hippity hop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this… and honestly, no way this is better than miss a or rainbow… not even 4 minute [and that died out quickly on me].

  • byoing~byoing.

    Keumjo unnie and I don’t get why everyone’s being a bitter betty about this comeback and not acknowledging how much it slays. It’s slayed her so much, she’s gone into a permanent state of arousal and is constantly orgasming. This is her life now #pray4kumjoo (literally, she’s doing a lot of it).

  • png

    I hope “Ah Yeah” stays on the chart long enough to not have EXID look like a one-hit wonder. It’s #3, blocked by miss A and JYP. At least “Every Night” ver. 3 was on the charts briefly. I wish that song became a bigger hit.
    It’s been 4 months and “Glass Bead” still jumps on and off Top 50. It’s #44 when I checked.

    • Nicole Naeun

      That GFRIEND reign just won’t let up!

    • James Smith III


    • yosafbridge

      Ah Yeah has been solidly in the Top 3/4 songs on the nationwide iChart and they just won their first music show for this comeback.Sold 215,000 digital downloads in 1 week and their mini-album is the highest charting girl group album in the land, #5 overall in fact. I’d say EXID are firmly out of one-hit-wonder status.

  • ByronZ

    I’m living for this comeback.
    LE is fierce, Hani is so beautiful and Solji, OMG that voice! <3

  • Nicole Naeun

    PERFECT SONG!!!! Not so much on the lazy choreography and weird MV, but song slays so much!

  • T-rollypoly

    ….but Jacques, Whoz that Girl was the highest selling song of 2012 by a rookie. I got you though.

  • James Smith III

    Those flaw free Solji vocals!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I don’t think Ah Yeah is as good as Up & Down but I still really enjoy it regardless! Hani is forever a goddess!!!!

  • yosafbridge

    So happy EXID got their first music show win on SBS The Show. Like Hani said : She didn’t cry when Up and Down won because that was just luck. Winning on your comeback shows the fans who turned up for Up and Down came to stay.