T-ara‘s main vocal, visual, rapper, dancer, songwriter, composer, and actress Eunjung is set to appear on Mnet’s 4 Things Show next week, which means that her upcoming solo debut must be right around the corner.

A short preview of the appearance is online now, and shows the “Two As One” chanteuse talking about T-ara’s ugly haters and asking the public to give the group another chance.

“We know that we’ve became transparent (to the public), but can’t they judge us again (give us another chance)?”

She also said, “We can feel their hate,” and “It feels like we created a majority versus minority image (discrimination.)” Also, “because we made a mistake, we endure it.” (Via Tiara Diadem)

Girl, don’t cop to NOTHIN’! All you and the rest of Slay-ara did was tweet about that lazy bitch Hwayoung hitting the nail salon while y’all were working your ass off for the Budokan concert in Japan. She lacked determination and proved what a sly fox she is after CCM fired her for throwing her crutches on the ground and being rude to staff, so good riddance to bad apples (and good fortune to Little Apples).

The only public favour T-ara needs right now is from the 1.3 billion people in China, which is a country that appreciates ground-breaking masterpieces like “Shuga Free” and “Nebah Ebah.”

Look for Eunjung’s 4 Things appearance next week, and please anticipate her Duble Sidekick-produced solo single, “Being Alone Became Comfortable.”