T-ara‘s main vocal, visual, rapper, dancer, songwriter, composer, and actress Eunjung is set to appear on Mnet’s 4 Things Show next week, which means that her upcoming solo debut must be right around the corner.

A short preview of the appearance is online now, and shows the “Two As One” chanteuse talking about T-ara’s ugly haters and asking the public to give the group another chance.

“We know that we’ve became transparent (to the public), but can’t they judge us again (give us another chance)?”

She also said, “We can feel their hate,” and “It feels like we created a majority versus minority image (discrimination.)” Also, “because we made a mistake, we endure it.” (Via Tiara Diadem)

Girl, don’t cop to NOTHIN’! All you and the rest of Slay-ara did was tweet about that lazy bitch Hwayoung hitting the nail salon while y’all were working your ass off for the Budokan concert in Japan. She lacked determination and proved what a sly fox she is after CCM fired her for throwing her crutches on the ground and being rude to staff, so good riddance to bad apples (and good fortune to Little Apples).

The only public favour T-ara needs right now is from the 1.3 billion people in China, which is a country that appreciates ground-breaking masterpieces like “Shuga Free” and “Nebah Ebah.”

Look for Eunjung’s 4 Things appearance next week, and please anticipate her Duble Sidekick-produced solo single, “Being Alone Became Comfortable.”

  • QUEEN! <3

  • Db
  • swee seng Soo

    eunjung fighting, wish u get a great start and enjoy for your solo debut

  • lildarien

    She is so full of beauty in that interview snippet.

  • Sha

    T-ara‘s main vocal, visual, rapper, dancer, songwriter, composer, and actress Eunjung (I like it) but that’s too overrated opening praise…Eunjung isn’t T-ara Main Vocalists (we all know it’s Soyeon) though next Soyeon she is the group lead vocalist and then Hyomin. And she’s not the Visual (we all know Jiyeon is the group VISUAL)…anyway I’m still holding for T-ara…for me you are still the QUEEN.

    • lol

      is jiyeon really de original visual? in their older videos she had little camera time

      • Sha

        Yes…Jiyeon is the ONLY & ORIGINAL VISUAL OF T-ARA.
        T-ara was created composed of 5 members…Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiwon & Jiae…before the OFFICIAL DEBUT Jiyeon was already been thrown to spotlight like CF’s, photoshoot, Music Video cameo, TV appearances as preparation of T-ara debut (just to promote T-ara being the group FACE/MASCOT). Jiyeon was even the 1st member who been debuted as a singer as M-Net picked her joing the Woman Generation project along with Davichi & Seeya (just to promote T-ara) And what Little Camera are you talking about…even in their debut song Lies Jiyeon got all the screentime & even the kissing scene (even she’s minor and the youngest member) even you go watched their song Good Person featuring the 5 original members…Jiyeon had most the screentime (especially the Version 2)…she’s always been the initial visual even prior debut.

        • lol

          calm down! i get it now

          • Sha

            You asked a question I just answered.

          • diamonddog

            Yes, but you were over the top and came across as very aggressive.

          • Sha

            Lol…you maybe misunderstand it but I just answered those people who asking and correcting some things (if not correct) especially for T-ara’s position because there are still some fans (esp. the new one) who confuse about it…I don’t see anything wrong if I explained and correct some details.

    • diamonddog

      Eunjung is the only member who can hit high notes and constantly be stable live. Soyeon… Not so much – she’s shaky and pitchy live (especially since her accident). Eunjung used to be main rapper until she was replaced by first Hwayoung and then Hyomin, even though she’s the best rapper the group has. Jiyeon is indeed the visual though.

      • Sha

        I know Eunjung is the Main Rapper (before Hwayoung)…but she isn’t the Main Vocalist (a Lead vocalists yes) but not the MAIN…we all know that it’s Soyeon is the group MAIN VOCALIST. And that doesn’t mean that if you can hit high notes you’re already the BEST SINGER of the group…T-ara members always saying that “to Soyeon unnie as our main vocalists…etc…” And I acknowledge Eunjung skills and talent, I love her but let’s not change the group position about it.

  • true

    EUNJUNG solo i can’t wait, they need to push her in the same way they did for jiyeon solo. eunjung needs a hit drama as well because she such a talented actress.

    I can’t believe how people are still hating on T-ARA i mean look at the past scandals nickhun kill someone in a car accident, Kim Hyun Joong beats up his girlfriend & get her pregnant, Ladie Code member’s died in a tragic accident, Park Bom drug scandal, EXO two member leave, SNSD jessica kick out of the group,taeyang & baekhyun are dating, all theses scandal happen yet no one can get over T-ara members not getting along with one group member via twitter who wasn’t even a original member & did.nt contribute much to the group in the first place.

    • niyahhill

      Their personal individual web dramas are coming!!!!

    • swee seng Soo

      as most of the antis and haters are jealous and afraid our ladies will become best ever kpop group. as u know, start from they debut, rumous and antis just keep around to them

  • I think 4things’ first episode was with Jiyeon, so her appearing on it after a year feels special. If I could, I would send Eunjung all the rice bags for her solo debut!

  • MolkangMolkang

    I’m ready.

  • ComingforyourRicecakes

    on a scale of 1 to buzzing my dick off, I’m at a solid numbah 9 http://cinedhec.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/South-park-s18E02-dick-fly-off.jpg

  • lol


  • Lin Yang

    Wait, so she admits that they bullied her?

    • T-rollypoly

      No, the twitter thing is what she meant.

  • qribom

    Ever since they got rid of it, T-ara is like the only group without a gross member.