I’m a little late to the party with this one, but it turns out my girls Especia released a new EP back in February that I totally missed.

Primera ~Selection~ marks Especia’s first major label release after signing to one of the subsidiaries of Victor Entertainment (home of SMAP, VIXX, and one of my random faves, Rurika Yokoyama).

Moving to a major hasn’t diluted Especia’s signature city-pop sound for the masses–in fact, I’d say Primera is less commercial than their last album, Gusto. The latter had a handful of instantly memorable hook-songs like “No1 Sweeper,” “Mount Up,” and “Foolish,” whereas Primera only has one obvious crossover bop with the juicy ’80s throwback “Security Lucy.”

The rest of the EP deals more in acid jazz or twinkly, chilled-out pop grooves. There is one other big dance number, “We are Especia,” but it clocks in at almost ten minutes and features a four minute intro that may or may not have been inspired by “Stairway To Heaven.” (I’m side-eyeing those flutes…)

You can check it out, along with a couple of other Primera cuts below. Primera is currently available on iTunes, so you can either buy it legally or jump on Google and find a Mediafire link like I did.