As a certified Darling since the day Dal Shabet‘s debut was first teased back in late 2010, I was really excited for the girls to return for the first time since their Eurythmics rip-off “B.B.B.” over a year ago.

Unfortunately, since the group dropped their Joker Is Alive mini-album last week, jealous haters have been raining on my parade by calling Dalegend’s comeback a trashy flop as if it were a new 2NE1 single or something.

I can understand that sentiment if you’ve only watched the MV for lead single “Joker,” but it’s the kind of song that you need to watch live to appreciate what a fierce and fabulous comeback this really is.

The “Joker” performances have been amazing, with gorgeous, artistic set pieces, stunning The Dark Knight XXX outfits, and sizzling hot choreography that rivals STELLAR and Hello Venus, but somehow looks classier and more creative coz of the comic book concept. I just wish they’d done something more provocative with the lyrics and Glasgow smile dance move, like implied that their lipstick was smeared to one side from doing naughty things to some prankster guy.

The sexy concept is an easy one to adopt for struggling girl groups looking for attention, but Dal Shabet pull it off like pros. Image wise, they’re the most flexible girl group since pre-scandal T-ara, who were once known as K-pop’s chameleon’s for their ability to pull off all kinds of OTT styles and concepts.

Watching the live stage helps you to appreciate the song, which sounds like a sexed-up Sunny Hill during one of their quirky musical moments. Very “Midnight Circus” meets “Monday Blues.”


If “Joker” still doesn’t do it for you, then just check out the rest of the mini-album. “Obsessed” –which features elegant ’90s electronica with the occasional burst of trap snares and early noughties bubblegum– is easily one of the best b-sides of the year. If it didn’t sound like one of Pitchfork’s Best New Tracks I’d suggest it for the lead single.

There’s another great song at the end of the mini, the perky euro-pop “OK Boy.” It’s not must-hear material, but as far as girl group filler goes it’s pretty strong.

So, even if you can’t get into “Joker,” you should at least be able to enjoy the imagery of this era and find at least one track on the mini-album you like.

I can admit that I’m biased, though. Even when Dalegend Godbet have a less than perfect single (“Mr. Bang Bang” and “Be Ambitious” come to mind) I still stan them for their concepts, charisma and underdog status, but Joker Is Alive really is a solid comeback. I just want you deaf and blind bitches to wake up and see it too.

  • T-rollypoly

    Preach Jacques! They’re gonna regret this blasphemy for the rest of their lives. Dal Shabet’s “Joker” slays so hard.

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Be Ambitious” is better than “Joker” imo. Sorry, hon.

    I don’t dislike the song, I’m just not blown away by it. The overall concept, however, is A+.

  • Marshmellow

    Take out Ah-Young’s rap and its one of their best!

    • Sunny

      her rap part seems fine enough for the song (even if it was just shoved in to give a useless member a line)

  • MolkangMolkang

    Nothing beats B.B.B for me because it was so perfect and shot Woohee up into my bias list. This comeback didn’t quite meet my expectations but it might grow on me if I give it another spin.

  • Db

    The performances definitely made me enjoy the song more than the JAV inspired MV, but the song is still a pass for me. This is a HUGE step backwards after BBB.

    • T-rollypoly

      I think any song that they release would be a step back from BBB because that song is too iconic. They stuck with the sexual lyrics concept with Joker though which is good.

  • SleepyK

    Say that again, in my good ear.

  • William Love

    for me, the problem lies more with the visuals of the comeback than the music itself. the music video plays out like a poorly thought out “sexy kpop – greatest hits” compilation, complete with plagiarized dance moves from a range of D-list idols. I saw some Rainbow, some Hello Venus, some Stellar, and a healthy dose of Sunmi (an exception to my D-list comment but you get the idea)

    seeing as k-pop exists primarily by ripping off ideas from itself, i’m not surprised to see this but in my opinion, if you’re going to swagger jack every concept that’s come out in the last year, you have to do it better.

  • Leonardo Henrique

    Subin produced ERRTHANG.
    Woohee gave me life, Serri new weave gave me life too. Subin dark hair is EVERYTHING. Dalai Shabetlama is in it to win it.

  • They should have title tracked ”Obsessed” or ”OK Boy”. ”Joker” is just another basic sexy song for a sexy concept that could have been given to any other struggling girl group which is a shame because the actual joker concept is great. ”Obsessed” and ”OK Boy” actually sound like songs that were made to make Deal Shabet stand out.

    • exactly! obsessed especially. i like joker, but honestly it’s their weakest song