Crayon Pop Discovers The Scientific Formula Of T-ara With 'FM'
Sounds Like T-araScientific And BiologicalConcept Surpasses Momoiro Clover Z's Entire Career
It's Not Bing Bing
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Crayon Pop is not your average K-pop group. They’re rule-breaking rebels who broke into the most manufactured music business in the world with a grassroots approach and proved that being unconventional can still work in an industry where everybody else is the same.

The group’s new single, “FM,” is a celebration of the that kind of defiant individuality, as well as a mission statement to free those too fearful to follow in their fearless footsteps (or pogo jumps).

“FM” –which is slang for ‘field manual’ and is used to describe a stickler for rules and regulations– has Crayon Pop pulling an Along Came Polly by trying to liberate a conformist they’re crushing on. They do this by rattling off random chemicals, hormones, and formulas in the song’s lyrics, which is exactly the kind of quirky and unique approach you’d expect from a Crayon Pop song. (Don’t forget, Chrome Entertainment’s CEO originally wanted ‘bar’ to be the ONLY word in “Bar Bar Bar.”)

Moon Prism Power
Earth, fire, wind, all gather
Make sodium yellow
Make lithium red
I’ll color you with a pretty color
I’m your spirulina
I’ll stop the epinephrine
I will change you for sure

Any T-ara fan that hears “FM” is going to tell you that it sounds like the legendary Breaking Heart album, and they’d be right. “FM” is like “I’m Really Hurt” with a B12 shot, so it’s no surprise that both songs share the same producer: Shinsadong Tiger.

There’s a lot of stylistic similarities between the two groups, like the way the members’ voices are difficult to distinguish from each other and how there’s a strong sense of melancholy running through “FM” despite the impassive vocals and robotic electronica that blankets everything. How can something so artificial still feel so emotionally-charged?

It’s unlikely that the T-ara connection is a coincidence. Hwang Hyun Chang has admitted that he founded Chrome Entertainment and created Crayon Pop after being inspired by the way T-ara’s “Roly Poly” took over the nation in 2011, despite the fact that he’d never paid attention to pop music before that. (T-ara’s impact!!!)

As a hardcore stan of both T-ara and Crayon Pop, this obviously pleases me to no end.

The “FM” music video recreates both Sailor Moon and Super Sentai, and just like everything Crayon Pop does, it’s so much fucking fun. It also holds a deeper meaning as The Popes of Pop transform into warriors to battle all things conventional and liberate the sheeple of the world.

Crayon Pop are trying to free your mind, man!

keanu reeves gif

A lot of people are saying that “FM” marks a more mature Crayon Pop, but Crayon Pop have always been more mature than most K-pop artists. There’s a reason that their fanbase is made up of 70% uncle fans, 29% twentysomethings, and 1% teenagers. It’s the younger K-pop consumers who get blinded by the big idols and fail to see past Slayon Pope’s silly costumes to recognize them as the subversive musical revolutionaries that they. Those are some of the poor people that “FM” is trying to help!

Anyway, “Bing Bing” still remains Crayon Pop’s finest moment and one of the best girl group singles of the past five years, but “FM” has a mighty shot at replacing “Bar Bar Bar” as runner-up.

  • Marhaebwa

    I knew I wasn’t the only to hear T-ARA. But Queen Slayons made it their own, and I am definitely digging it.

    Listen to the b-sides. “HaPaTaKa” slays me to me core.
    What kind of Lovey-Dovey-Bar-Bar-Bar-Disco-Pinocchio flawlessness?

  • JammySmoochie

    Gahh I hope this song does well. We need more groups doing T-ara songs.

    March comebacks have (almost) all been amazing and Crayon Pop continued that trend.

  • Pez

    Full disclosure, crayon pop is one band I’ve yet to look into despite seeing them here all the time. Here’s hoping they’re as good as t-ara. But seriously? “Concept Surpasses Momoiro Clover Z’s Entire Career”? Have you heard moon pride?

    • MCZ are great I’m just kidding around and acknowledging they did this concept first lol. But can’t believe you’ve never heard Crayon Pop before :O

      • Pez

        Alright. Corrected and rectified, they are good. I still maintain my moratorium on kpop boy bands though.
        And what’s with all the sudden posts? Its awesomeballs.

  • ByronZ

    Everything about FM is flawless, I’m in love with the song, choreography and concept.
    Crayon Pop & T-ara <3

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Another iconic timeless classic!!!!

  • KingBeaArthur

    T-ara: inspiration-dols of the east.

    “FM” is the first of their songs/concepts I’ve loved from the start! I mean Sailor Moon and Power Rangers/Super Sentai WERE my childhood! They played their nostalgia card right and it worked.

    HOWEVER, I still don’t care for “Bar Bar Bar”.

  • Db

    The whole track bleeds nerd cred from all the neurotransmitter and chemical references (C6H12O6 is the formula for glucose if anyone cares). The propulsive guitar and lower vocal range really do it for me. All three songs on the mini are fantastic.

    Shame it’s flopping so hard. This track deserves to be #1. Not that stale EXO garbage and Jimin’s stank ass Puss.

    • I know this is a stereotype, but wouldn’t a large part of the S. Korea population identity themselves as nerds? Aren’t PC games huge? They should be eating this concept up! I do not understand this floppage.

      • Db

        It’s depressing! They just can’t handle how awesome it is and would rather go with what they know and what’s safe.

  • This is a kpop concept that I have dreamed about, and Crayon Pop is doing everything right. Kinda shocked they beat Orange Caramel to the punch. Only thing needed to make this one of the greatest promotions of all time would be a tv show/web series.

    • i love orange caramel… but after lipstick their concepts kinda lost the comic relief and the outrageous camp to more fashionably safe visual.

      • Db

        Their concepts are far from being fashionably safe.

      • Wonder if Crayon Pop needs to do a more “safe” concept to solidify the public’s love. Hopefully next comeback Orange Caramel will be ridiculous. How awesome would it be if they do something like Cutie Honey?

        • i highly doubt OC will go whacko funny again. pledis is needs money desperately and that sub-unit is their only milking cow nowadays.

          as for crayon pop, i just hope their music just gets better and more mature while their concepts and visuals just get crazier and more ironic!

  • “how there’s a strong sense of melancholy running through “FM” despite the impassive vocals and robotic electronica that blankets everything”

    YES! that was excatly the point it reminded me of t-ara and why it had me sold instantly. i honestly chose to listen to it before watching the mv because everyone gets all hyped up about crayon pop’s visuals and what i most like about them is how unabashedly fun is their music.

    FM amped their game for me and i think it’s superior to bing bing, but that is mainly related to my personal taste for true “tears on a dancefloor” gems. i love music that makes me want to throw my arms up in the air, all by myself on the floor, and dance dramatically as if i’m the wronged princess of a bad mexican soap opera. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • JammySmoochie

      “…and dance dramatically as if i’m the wronged princess of a bad mexican soap opera.” LMAO DYING!!!

      • lol you’ve never done it?

        • JammySmoochie

          I… might have. But I dance to sadder songs for dramatic dancing (cue Day by Day, Cry Cry). I seriously cannot imagine a [sane] person dancing ‘dramatically’ to FM. I’m like… how??? LMAO

  • Nicole Naeun

    One note tho: I was hoping the singing was more energetic and not so impassive, bet the song would be 1000x more exciting. But on the ohter hand, I can relate to this singing style also cuz back when I was a kid, the OSTs for Power Rangers and all other shows sung with this singing style!

  • Sunny

    Bing Bing is my fav too but i love this song alot! If they released this instead of Uh-ee last year, it would have been a bigger hit!

  • j d

    Your mention of t-ara convinced me to listen and now there is one cp song I like. Success.

  • S@ki6

    I still don’t get the point of the little elf kid at 2:30.