I don’t know how this happened, but CLC –one of the most talented new girl groups with the best debut song of the year, “PEPE”— are total flops.

“PEPE” didn’t even chart on the Gaon top 100, so now CLC’s rushed back with a new digital single, “Eighteen.”

The synth-pop production sounds like one of OnePiece’s Lovelyz b-sides, but it’s actually courtesy of Kim Gun Woo, who hardcore idol fans will know from producing almost SNSD member Lee Hwan Hee’s solo debut, “Monroe’s Heel.”

“Eighteen” is no “PEPE,” but it’s really strong for a random digital single. It’s strength is how melancholy it is, differentiating it from other fluffy “oppa oppa” releases.

Can’t you just accept me?
Can’t you understand me? I’m in love
I’m going for you watch me
I’m going for you watch me

Tic tac toe love is too hard
My heart is aching, I can’t eat anything all day

It’s still not as perfect as Shannon’s “Eighteen,” but it’s close.

Add in the divine performances and choreography, and you have another knockout CLC comeback.

How is this group not more popular?