I already knew that Brown Eyed Girls were making a comeback after Ga-In’s current solo promotions wrapped up, but it’s still terribly exciting to have the news officially confirmed by Nega Network.

“Gain is still in the middle of her solo promotions,” Nega said in a statement. “The new album productions will speed up as soon as her promotions end. It’s still in the planning stages, but it is very likely that it will be their 10-year anniversary album.”

What does a 10-year anniversary album actually mean, though? The Queens of K-pop already dropped a greatest hits compilation last year, so it can’t be that. And it’s hard to determine how their last decade in the business will relate to a new album considering all the different concepts and sounds the group’s cycled through over the years.

BEG have done power ballads, R&B and soul, cutsie synth-pop, edgy electronica, Latin music, and SO much more. It’d be impossible to determine their next direction by looking at their history.

Shinhwa and TVXQ are two fellow top-tier K-pop acts who have released 10th anniversary albums in the past, and they were both just excuses to mark a significant milestone and use fancier album packaging, which is fine by me.

While we all wait with baited breath for the next best comeback of 2015 (after Ga-In Hawwah, obviously), let’s all listen to one of BEG’s most fucking FLAWLESS and ICONIC classics, “Moody Night.”

  • JammySmoochie


    I’m just not gonna guess about their concept. That’s like so futile. I’m good just knowing that they’re gonna slay. I will just guess that JeA will have better jaw by then and Miryo will look more iconic than she already does.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Can’t wait for the kweens to return to their throne! Moody Night always the #1 song!

  • KingBeaArthur

    This feeds me.

  • MusicBreaks

    I thought BEG debuted in 2006… ? At least thats what wikipedia say

    • T-rollypoly

      I think the way they count it in Korea is by the year not by months so to put it in perspective, let’s say they debuted in December of 2006 (I don’t know the exact month), that would still be considered as their 1st year in the industry. If we count the years from 2006-2015, that would be 10 years. I might be wrong though.

  • Nicole Naeun