A lot of new groups came and went during the great rookie rush of 2011, but few have been as memorable to me as Blady.

First of all, their name sounds way too close to ‘bladder’ than any girl group name should, and secondly, for as long as I live I’ll never forgot what Blady’s agency said when the group debuted with “Crazy Day.”

“Blady’s Crazy Day official music video released! It was filmed in Maldives directed by Young-man Kang, a Hollywood movie director. The most interesting part is, its 3D VERSION will be released in August.”

Naturally, Young-man Kang is just some Korean hack scraping the Z-list in Los Angeles, the fancy Hollywood video in the Maldives is nothing more than cheap footage of Blady dancing in some off-season resort that’s probably owned by heroin dealers, and the promised 3D version was never released.

All of this was enough to turn Blady into a permanent running joke between my friends and I. (Shameless media play like this article will never not be hilarious.)

Like April Kiss, Leader’S, or Swing Girls, Blady was the kind of group you expected to release one single then vanish into obscurity forever, so imagine my shock when they unexpectedly returned in 2013 with a new lineup and the delicious synth-pop track, “Blood Type B Girl.”

It flopped (as expected), and I assumed that Blady were finally dead and buried for good.


friday the 13th gif

Queen Blady made another comeback this week with more new members, a full mini-album (the appropriately titled ‘Renovation‘), and an amazing new single called “Come To Me.”

I don’t know how many sponsors these worn out gangnam unnies had to fuck to pay for the superb swing-tinged Latin pop production on “Come To Me,” but it was worth it. It’s legit MAMAMOO level good.

Blady’s even managed to put together a fairly polished music video where they play sexy hostesses in an underground bar filled with mobsters. (So basically, their real life.)

It’s about time a K-pop group did a room salon girl concept and showed what really goes on behind the scenes in the Korean entertainment industry. Blady’s so brave!

The Renovation album is also pretty good (check out “Fantasy”), so this comeback is pretty much a win all round.

I’m already looking forward to Blady’s next comeback in two years time with new members and a new sound!